Thereview: “Location fantastic for Times Square. Room small despiteupgrade. No toiletries in room”

Linkto the review:http://www.hotels.com/ho109277/park-central-new-york-new-york-united-states/


Priorto responding or contacting the guest, different researches would benecessary. One of the researches to do as the general manager wouldentail finding out why the customer complained the rooms were small.For example, it is important to find out whether the customer wasalone or accompanied by a friend or other members upon visiting thehotel. This research would help in understanding on what grounds theguest found the rooms small. Another research entails finding outwhether there has been similar reviews concerning the issue of therooms being small. This would help in making the issue a criticalreference point, when contacting the guest. Besides, beforeresponding to the guest, it is critical to conduct a research andfind out what toiletries the customer wanted this can also checkwhether there are other customers that have complained of a similarproblem.


Oneof the solutions that I would offer in order to satisfy the guestwould be to give discounts to the guest (Osborne,2003). The guest may be offered some discounts that would have aneffect of lowering the price that he would pay for the hotelservices. This would make the customer feel satisfied for theservices offered in the hotel because of a price deduction for nothaving the services he expected in the hotel. Another solution thatcould be offered to the guest in order to make the guest satisfiedwould be offering unpaid extra services to the guest. Offering of theunpaid extra services would make the guest satisfied since it maymake the guest feel that he has been appreciated for visiting thehotel. Another solution in an attempt to satisfy the guest would beapologizing to the guest. As the general manager, I would beapologetic to the guest for not providing the services, but promiseto look into the issues presented. This would give an assurance tothe guest, a move that may satisfy the guest in seeking serviceslater with the hotel.


Iwould respond to the guest through the use of email. I would considerusing email because it would be easier to communicate through the useof email. Email would be the best responding tool because it may tendto provide an immediate feedback from the guest concerning what toexpect after the offering a response (Tschohl,2011). Besides, the use of email may look more formal compared toother responding avenues, which may show the guest that some protocolwas followed in noticing and providing a resolution to hiscomplaints.


Oneof the things that I would do after resolving the guest’s complaintwould be ensuring that the problems do not exist anymore. Forinstance, in the case of small rooms, I would ensure that I upgradethe rooms in order to have standardized rooms that will not keep thecomplaining guest away or any other guest. On the issue oftoiletries, I would ensure to offer the common toiletries in therooms and ensure that they are regularly supplied in the rooms priorto guests entering the rooms. Another thing would be finding outwhether guests visiting the hotel are satisfied with the upgradedrooms and toiletries provided.


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