NeverGive Up by MaryCurran Hacket

I amimpressed by the story of Mary Curran as she narrates the ordeal thatbefell her. It is evident that when she was young, the advice of herfather seemed not to make sense, especially because she was not goingthrough tough times. Seemingly, life has a lot to offer, and the bestthing is not embrace whatever comes by our way, whether we need it atthat time or not. The dad is amongst the so called ‘God-given`parents. He advised his children on how to press on. We see him notgiving up, even for his children. This is surely a great motivation,both of parents and children as they sail through life(Mary, 2012).

TheLove I Choose by JessicaMercer Zerr

While I wasreading the story of Jessica, I couldn`t help recount the many timesI have heard people in crisis over love. It is clear from the textthat love for partners is a choice. Love brings the joy that isclimaxed through whatever we share, whether food, watching TV or evenpouring our hearts out to each other.I believe Jessica is right when she says that she upholds thesacredness of ordinary. It takes a submitting heart and truly lovingheart to sustain love through deliberate kindness, little lovetestaments and commitment rather than sparks of dying love(Jessica, 2010).

Evolutionby LaurenLeBlanc

I find thisstory by Lauren quite interesting and informative. While it iscorrect to say that each person has dreams and expectations, it isalso true that life has its package to offer. Surprisingly, thepackage, however, small and interchangeable, someone will benefitfrom it. Lauren had the greatest dream in this world of becoming amusician. The dreams never came true as she instead became a teacher.This is exactly what happens to most people. Life will not alwaysgive what we expect. However, we should learn to make impacts inwhatever capacity we find ourselves in(Lauren, 2012).


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