First Essay

The title is descriptive by informing on the discussion. The paperstarts with an interesting introduction, which compels the reader tocontinue reading. The thesis is clear because from the introductionit is possible to tell that the writer is talking about a tattoo. Itis apparent all through the writing via explanation of what it means,and why the specific tattoo is the writer’s choice. The paper usessubtitles, which is an effective writing style. However, thesubtitles “getting started” and “time for the butterflies”need to refer to one subtitle. This is because the content in thesections refers to the same issue. There are illustrations includedin the paper that link to the main idea of getting a tattoo andreason for selecting the specific tattoo. The essay addresses ageneral audience, meaning the paper is a good read for anyone. Theconclusion is one long sentence, which needs division into shortersentences.

Second Essay

The title is short, but describes what the writer aims atcommunicating. The thesis is about Detroit, which is clear from theintroduction. The paper introduces both the good and bad side of thecity and questions the reader’s view, concluding with the thesis.The paper utilizes questions as subtitles. It is an effective methodof appealing to the reader to question their view of Detroit prior tomaking misconceptions due to what they have heard. Another effectiveapproach in the writing is the use of evidence and examples. Theevidence shows how people perceive Detroit, while examples enhancethe thesis. The paper appeals to a general audience, by usingexamples to show that Detroit is not as bad a place as perceived. Theessay does not have a conclusion, which makes the ideas inconclusive.Adding a conclusion is an effective way of reinstating the thesis.

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