Whatwould you do if you were in charge of including guest reviews to helpguests decide on whether or not to stay with you….would you addthem or not? Why?

IfI were in charge of guest reviews at Marriott International, I wouldadd them to the programs of the hotel. There are various reasons thereviews need to be allowed. To begin with, guest reviews serve as anadditional resource to guests seeking information on the best placesto visit (Allen, 2002). The reviews help the customers to understandthe quality of services provided by Marriot. Positive reviews arelikely to motivate guests to visit the hotel.

Guestreviews help to improve the credibility of organizations andbusinesses (Allen, 2002). Good guest reviews will probably help toreduce negative opinions about the Marriot. Guest reviews givebusinesses and organizations a competitive advantage. If Marriotreceives more positive reviews than its rivals, it will probablyattract many customers. Guest reviews provide new guests with a senseof security (Allen, 2002). By reading the comments made by those whohave visited Marriot, new guests will be able to understand the hotelwell.

Guestreviews provide important insights into the progress of businessesand organizations (Manning, Bodine &amp Forrester, 2012). Thisinformation will help the management team of Marriot to see whatneeds to be done in order to improve its performance. Guest reviewsprovide content that can be used to promote the products and servicesof organizations and businesses (Manning, Bodine &amp Forrester,2012). The reviews can help the management team of Marriot todetermine the best methods they can use to promote the servicesprovided at the hotel. It is also important to note that allowingguest reviews is one of the best ways of empowering guests. Theinformation they provide helps them to make appropriate decisionsabout the places they need to visit.


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