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Part A

Kirill Medvedev will always be an influential personality in Russia.One concept that has been particularly helpful in writing aboutMedvedev is drawn from the third and fourth chapters of Hemment’sbook. “According to Hemment (2007, p.76), feminism was a vitalrepresentation of reconnecting with progressive European thoughtsthrough literature. For many scholars the interest in women andfeminism provided an opportunity for Russia to examine its role inthe European history.”This quote broadly reflects what empoweringwomen in Russia brought up. It was not only a regional issue but amajor issue that placed Russia on the eyes of the Europe. Thismovement was a powerful way of showing the power that women and have.Like during the pussy riot many scholars and writer were interestedin this movement.

The pussy riot was a Russian feminist protest group of women foundedin 2011 with a variable membership of young women. The group is allabout campaigning for their rights and though it stages its protestsin unauthorized provocative unusual places through edited music andthe internet, it has captured the attention of the Russian state.Similarities between Medvedev protests and pussy riot includepublications of grievances, fighting for feminist rights like labor,right to leadership and campaigning against leadership that theyconsider tyrannical. Medvedev published his poems titled everything’sbad and incursion in 2002 as an artistic way of revolting.The groups seek support from other activists, Aid and NGO’s tobecame part of empowering the women. In conclusion, the quote fromHemment’s book is a representation of women activists seeking aplatform to air their views and taking control of the Europeancontinent to fight for their rights.

Part B

Based on the collection of my most interesting encyclopedia entrieswritten during this semester, I would like to change and improve mywriting more. The article on Green peace is elaborated but lacksexpansion on the roles of Green peace. While the point of Greenpeacevoicing concerns over Russian forests is listed, it has barely beenexpounded. I would like to improve the entry through moreelaboration. The encyclopedia entry titled Anti-fracking activism hasgood background information. Its definition and first paragraphattempt to explain fracking concisely. However, the literature reviewforming a larger part of the entry topic seems to concentrate onfracking more than anti-fracking activism. Anti-fracking activismcomes in the last paragraph. Focusing on the topic from the beginningof the entry rather than fracking will improve it.

The entry on civil society explains the civil society and its roleswith minimal personal opinions. However, I would like to use morethan one reference, as the topic of civil society is very broad. Theentry on Kirill Medvedev starts with a clear introduction of Kirill.It describes Kirill as an interesting capricious voice in theliterature of Russia. There are many details about Kirill in thisentry some with specific years and times. However, not all thoseyears are referenced. Referencing the years will help the entryappear reliable especially when quoting specific years. The lastentry on civil society draws a focus on empowering women. Itintroduces the civil society and then explains how empowering womenand the civil society relate. It has enough references. I would liketo improve this entry by separating the background information,problem statement and literature review, which appear in to be in thesame paragraph.


Hemment, J.(2007). Empowering women in Russia: Activism, Aidand NGOs.Bloomington,IN,Indiana, UP.

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