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Walkinga hotel client is the decision and action of turning down a clientbecause the hotel in question is overbooked and there are no roomsavailable. In some instances, the client may have even madereservations in advance. In the case presented, the logical course ofaction was to walk the couple from off the road who did not have anyreservations. The action would be justified because there was noprior reservation.

Arule of thumb in this craft is that managers will always relocatethose clients staying just for one night as opposed to those bookedon corporate rate or for multiple nights. It is also evident thatthey are not likely to struggle with a place to stay over the nightas they are well conversant with the area since they live there.


Whenit becomes necessary to walk a guest, it is important that the guestis kept happy, despite the disappointment. In order to achieve thisgoal, one should refer the client to a comparable alternative hotelof the same level and if possible a subsidiary of the same company.This is because it is never enough to say sorry. Despite the temperflares of the client, one should remain polite as he handles thesituation since the heat of the moment can make one lose the clientforever.


Inthe instance of walking a client, the client should be offeredtransport at the expense of the hotel. This implies that in case aclient is walked away, there is a possibility of the hotel payingtransportation costs. It is also the cost of the hotel find anotherplace for the client regardless of the expenditure.

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