HospitalityBusiness Major

Thecourse of Hospitality Business is preferable to the people that havethe ambition of working in hotels, to build up their own businesses,or to have a chance to go around the world. The major in HospitalityBusiness is not a popular course. Though not popular this field isvery preferable because of the exposure and the experience that aperson practicing it gains. The learner gets acquainted in the fieldof hotel management and therefore gets first-hand information onmanaging hotels, restaurants and other business enterprises. Thiscourse is also a helpful course to the society due to the benefits ithas on the society. With the help of the course, the professional isable to assess the challenges of hospitality business management andtheir implications on the operators. Therefore, the professional willbe able to come up with recommendations to help the society [ CITATION Zha14 l 1033 ].


Thearticle reveals that many people who aspire to become engineers donot actually understand what engineering actually entails. Peopletend to think that engineering is all about the physical operation ofmachines. They do not understand that engineering covers the area ofmanufacturing the machine and the processes that support the machinein its operation. Actually, engineers are a group of professionalswho are responsible for designing and building engines and machines.This course is offered at universities and requires a student to haveperformed excellently in the area of physics, chemistry andmathematics. This is the right approach to engineering since itinvolves a lot of principles and calculations so as to perfect themachine. This is because engineering is not about the physicaloperation of the machine alone but also the principles that arebehind the operation [ CITATION Nyend l 1033 ].


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