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Chemistryis a branch of science that deals with components and properties ofmatter. In addition it studies the reactions between differentchemicals and substances that human beings experience in their dailylives. One of the scientists that have made a significantcontribution in the field of chemical science is Antoine Lavoisier(Holmes,2012).He was a French nobleman born on August 26, 1743 in Paris. In theyear 1794, he was declared a traitor during the Reign of Terror andon May 8, the same year he was found guilty and executed bybeheading. He died at the age of 50 years in Paris, France. Hismother died when he was five and later in 1700 joined the MazarinCollege where he studied botany, mathematics, chemistry andastronomy. In addition, he acquired a law degree but decided topursue the career in science (Holmes,2012).At the age of 25 years, he helped develop the main water supply inParis and the first geological map of France which enabled him becamea member of the Royal Academy of Sciences. He was able to buy sharesin a private tax collection company.


AntoineLavoisier is famous for metric system that enhanced uniformity of allmeasures in France and established the first list of elements. He isthe father of modern chemistry and he named oxygen and hydrogen amongothers (Holmes, 2012). The contributions were due to his efforts thatmade all experiments successful to prove a particular theory. Hediscovered that animals generate energy by a particular type ofcombustion reaction. He married Marie-Ann Paulze in 1771 who was alsoa scientist. She helped him translate works of French and English aswell assisting in experiments. His breakthrough was in 1775 when hewas employed by the government. It helped him improve his laboratorywork. In 1776 he concluded his research on Oxygen when he identifiedthat it combined with other properties to form acid (Holmes, 2012).


Thework of Antoine Lavoisier has made numerous contributions to mankind.He discovered Oxygen which is the most essential element needed tosustain life. Lack of this element is a threat to the human immunesystem. Oxygen also helps support aquatic life. The invention ofother elements such as hydrogen has been helped many industries today(Holmes, 2012). Research shows that majority of the scientists hadbeen producing hydrogen gas for many years but never knew what itwas. Today, hydrogen is a scarce resource and has been identified asthe lightest, nontoxic and colorless gas. Majority of the industriesare using it as fuel, gas and liquid.


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