Activism in Russia

Activismin Russia


But,if the Russians invade from the east, then guerrilla warfare willstart. From both sides.” (Gessen 4)

Thisquote stands out as it leaves me querying whether Ukrainians woulddrive Russian military invasion off their soil using guerilla. Thequote directly relates to activism as it purports that should theRussian invade them from the east then there would be guerrillawarfare an action that would in the end bring several societalchanges.

Theoreticallyspeaking, the guerilla warfare would start from both ends, however,the Russian might not defeat the Ukrainians unless on military terms.Such a defeat under military terms would only succeed if they employthe use of armored invasion which would result in casualties fromboth sides. This might culminate to an event that is unpredictable.

Iwant to tell people not to be scared and to face their disease. Thereare treatments available. My mother died thirty years ago of a cancerwith which she could have lived ten or thirteen years more with thekinds of treatment available today. And this is the strongestargument there is for living in this country of ours: you can be aneducator here every waking hour—while living at home.”(Gessen 12)

Thisquote stands out for me as it brings to light the ill of the Russiansociety, scarce information to the public gallery. In her book sheurges people not to be scared but rather be bold in facing theirchallenges and this is a kind of activism against the government thatapparently denies them information. The treatments available meansthat there is information but nobody is willing to share or relatehence the continued atrocities in Russia. The tone that the writeruses to pass the message is more of inciting one normally used byactivists. This is an urge to the society to wake up demand for theirrights so that they live a life that they will stand to enjoy. Thisis explained when the writer states that the mother died thirty yearsago yet could have lived ten or thirteen more years. This means thatwith availability of information in the society and the rightservices a government can be of great help to its populace.

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2014Crimean Crisis

TheCrimean crisis was a global catastrophe that occurred in 2014 whichinitiated the now seen rivalry between Russia and Ukraine. Thedispute among the two nations has been over the governing of theCrimean Peninsula. The crisis led to seizure of the Peninsula by theRussian Federation and being part of its federal subjects. The crisisis seen to be a portion of the intervention in 2014 by the Russianmilitary which encompassed the region of Donbass in Ukraine. Crimeaand Sevastopol are only recognized by the five UN member states aspart of Russia while all other countries know that it is part ofUkraine. The Crimean crisis emerged after the Ukrainian revolution.Upon the fleeing of President Viktor Yanukovych from the capital Kievhe was removed from power the next day by the Ukrainianparliament.Oleksandr Turchynov would later be appointed as theinterim president leading a formed interim government. The formationof the new Ukrainian government would be endorsed by the US and EUbut Russia rejected it terming the government a result of coup d’etatand therefore illegitimate.

Twodays later, 23 February, protests of pro-Russian were carried out inCrimean city of Sevastopol. On February 26, the forces supporting theRussian government commenced occupying strategic places and importantinfrastructure in the Crimean Peninsula. The forces were heavilyarmed and equipped with Russian artillery and donned in Russianuniform. Some of the strategic places that the forces occupiedincluded Crimean Parliament buildings. During this time, some segmentof the legislators in the Parliament voted to discredit the Crimeangovernment and sought to replace the Prime Minister and ultimatelycall for referendum. The referendum though violating the constitutionof Ukraine and international law would end up making Crimeaindependent. Upon its independence, the Crimea Parliament on March 17would ask to join Russia. A day later, a treaty of accession would besigned by the Republic of Crimea and Russian Federation. Later the UNGeneral assembly would declare the referendum as invalid sparkingunrest and ugly turn of events including economic sanctions for thearea.


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