Re:Persuasive Correspondence of Drug Abuse

Ifeel honored to share with you important information regarding drugabuse and how it has impacted various organizations, the solutionsand remedies that can be taken to address this issue. I understandthat your organization is committed towards a drug free environment,but due to obvious challenges, this has not been easy. Here is aproposal on how you can address this issue in your organization.

Yourorganization is unique in a number of ways which make me interestedin sharing this crucial information. Drug abuse affects employees’performance, hence impacting on the overall performance of theorganization and profits. Employees are likely to oppose efforts tofight drug abuse if not approached in the right way. I have studiedyour organization for a while and discovered the key problem of drugabuse.

Toaddress this issue pertinently, the management need to establish aprogram where employees with drug abuse issues are able share theirproblems with professional counselors after work and during breaks.Taking employees to a rehabilitation center makes them feel isolatedand that is one of the reason many employees do not recover from drugabuse even after such efforts.

Employeesneed to be integrated with their colleagues during this process so asto help them realize that the organization cares for them and thattheir services are still needed. They should be shown that they areimportant to the organization.

Iwould highly appreciate if you contact me to discuss this in detail.My phone mobile work contact number is xxxxxxxxxxx and my email is[email protected].Feel free to reach me any time.




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