Fromthe Freud’s essay, it has been pointed out that “a moment ofcomplete happiness never occurs” when creating an art work. Thishas been depicted best by the painting number one. The painting showsa white woman, who seems not to be happy. By looking at the paintingof the woman, she seems to be saddened by a certain thing that is notclearly indicated by the painter. Her sadness can be read from herclosed lips and her forehead, which is drooping forward. The womandoes not seem to be happy because she is holding a cat, which may beserving as a pet that can help her get over the loneliness that shemay be having. The woman may be suffering from loneliness, which canbe judged from how she holds the cat close to her body.

Besides,in the essay, Freud argues that the effect that the paintings make inspace is usually bound up with them as their color or smell may do,which implies that the painter needs to be concerned with the airsurrounding his subject. It is through perception and observation ofatmosphere that the painter can use to register the feeling that hedesires his painting to give out. This has been well depicted in thepainting since the color of the surrounding is not bright, which maybe an indication that the woman is having some problems. Besides, thecolor of the cat that the woman is holding has a black color, whichis an indication of the condition or feelings of the woman. Inaddition, the mood of the surrounding is indicated to be sorrowfulthis can be judged from the tattered wall and the folding of thewoman’s hands. Furthermore, the woman seems to be in some seriousthinking.


Freud.&quotSome Thoughts on Painting,&quot Encounter III, no. 1 (Julv1954): 23-24.

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