Adler’s Birth Order Position


Adler’sBirth Order Position

Adler’sBirth Order Position

Thearticle by Bleske-Rechek &amp Kelley derives from the abundance ofassumptions pertaining to the effects of birth order on anindividual’s personality in numerous self-help books and popularculture. Birth order, in fact, is seen as having weak-to-moderateimpacts on personality. Nevertheless, Bleske-Rechek &amp Kelleyacknowledged that there was a deficiency of studies that had made useof a complete within-family design including autonomous self-reportsfrom first-born and laterborn siblings in one family (Bleske-Rechek &ampKelley, 2013). This is essentially the study that is detailed in thearticle, with the results demonstrating that neither the independentself-reported personality traits of siblings, nor the reports ofparents on the personality traits of their children variedsystematically as birth order’s functions (Bleske-Rechek &ampKelley, 2013). In essence, the study showed that birth order wouldnot have permanent effects on the personality of individuals.

Inline with the Birth Order Theory, I am a middle child. I, with nodoubt agree with Alder’s theory since I come of ass quiteconsistent, rebellious and competitive in my effort to be the best.In addition, I have also been extremely diplomatic and flexible withregard to the people that I deal with in the family as I fit wellwithin the younger people and still with the older ones. According toAdler, middle children often develop gifts in the academia and artsin an effort to obtain praise from their parents (Bleske-Rechek &ampKelley, 2013). Perhaps the most distinctive Adlerian procedure is theassistance of the client to make new choices or rather re-orientationand re-education. In this procedure, the therapist would encouragethe patient to engage in effective and satisfying actions that wouldreinforce the new insight and facilitate further insight.


Bleske-Rechek,A., &amp Kelley, J. A (2013). Birth order and personality: Awithin-family test using independent self-reports from both firstbornand laterborn siblings. Personalityand Individual Differences

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