Admission Procedure for Mercy Hospital

AdmissionProcedure for Mercy Hospital

Instructionsfor admission

Alist of hospitals in Minneapolis

AbbottNorthwestern Hospital


Address:800 East 28thStreet,

Minneapolis,MN 55407



Address:4050 Coon Rapids

Boulevard,MN 55433-2586



Address:640 Jackson Street,

St.Paul, MN 55101-2595



Address:550 Osborne NE,

Fridley,MN 55432-2799

WoodwindsHealth Campus


Address:1925 Woodwinds Drive,

Woodbury,MN 55125-445

St.Johns Hospital


Address:1570 Beam Avenue,

St.Paul, MN 55109-1126

AdmissionProcedure for Mercy Hospital

Newpatients are required to undergo a registration at the centraladministration zone, where clients are required to register theirsocial security number, physical address, and other personal details.The patients are then issued with the treatment permit that allowsthe health care providers to offer the necessary services. Theadmitted patients are required to wear the identification bandsduring their stay in the hospital. This ensures that patients are notgiven the wrong medication. Moreover, patients are required to give alist of their current medication to the health care providers. MercyHospital has a restricted visit guideline that is designed to preventthe spread of infections, such as influenza (Mercy Hospital, 2015).However, the hospital encourages the people (including relatives ofthe patients) to visit the hospitalized clients, but visits areregulated.

Directiontowards Mercy Hospital

Startingfrom Anoka East Main Street, make right and drive along the 5thAvenue. Drive along the East River road without branching until yousee a big billboard for Mercy Hospital on your right hand.

Figure1:Direction map

Source:Mercy Hospital (2015)

Inconclusion, the hospital admission procedure ensures that clients areadmitted to the hospital using the right procedure.


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