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Objectivetime splits life’s continuous turn of events into definite past andpredictable future. Unlike subjective idea of time, objectivityallows for planning of events. Objective time erases the anxiety ofaging, dying or losing loved ones. The common point between aging,dying and losing a loved one is that no one knows the date nor thetime each comes. However, objective time creates an avenue to placedeath, aging and losses at a specific time in the past as a memorabletime and in the future say 11.00 PM 1stof February 2015. Time objectivity would mean that any second lateror earlier than that time changes everything. Objective time showsthe difference between loss, life and death. Aging is a process, butthe idea that say, maturity begins at the ages of eighteen, nineteenand twenty makes me less anxious and more prepared for it.

Thequestion on reality takes up different angles based on individualperception. Personally, reality and dreams exist. Dreams are productsof the mind, which are intangible. Contrarily, reality encompassestangible things. It is not possible to believe that each individualexists in their own space. People share memories as they interact.The only plausible explanation to interaction in life between peopleis having individual lives or worlds interacting. Tangibility ofthings, interaction between people, predictability and randomoccurrence of events in the universe proves that people do not existindependently in reality. However, the mind exists in an individualspace, which makes people think independently. The ability of themind to have independent thoughts gives people the ability to createa sub-reality and a virtual individual worlds like dreams. Therefore,human beings exist individually in dreams and not in reality.

Iwould not choose to enter the “Experience Machine”. The machinemay erase negativity from life like pain and loss, but living awonderful life creates a monotony in life experiences. Pain,suffering and loss are some of the life turn of events to spice uplife and make it more interesting. Such events make lifeunpredictable and more so worth waiting for. In support, games inlire highly rely on its spontaneous aspect. Unpredictable moves inthe process keeps the players and the fans anxious for the next play.In a similar event, the machine will lack the element of surprise. Asa predictable fact, life in the machine will be a routine sinceevents of pain and loss lead to change. Therefore, I would choose tolive a life of bitter sweet than of fill of a sweet illusion.

Itis true to say that language creates our language defines society’scultural and moral value. Human beings communicate and think usinglanguage. Language, in addition, is the basic means through whichpeople send messages and information. Language is a clear indicationof social thoughts and is resourceful for analysis of social behaviorand its prediction. People use language in different ways. Theseinclude sharing information, planning, and achieving progress. Incase of a language change, various social aspects would change as theformal communication framework, thoughts and means of relayinginformation to one’s peers and the social circle. On the same, lackof language as medium of exchanging ideas would create a barrierbetween human ideas and creativity. Conclusively, language creates aworld that human beings exchange thoughts and ideas each moment tohave a common ground of thought, which is also a basic need fororganization.


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