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Inhis letter to H. Niles on February 13th,1818, John Adams recalled that a complete accomplishment of theAmerican Revolution occurred when thirteen clocks were made to striketogether. John Adams was trying to imply that Revolution had dreadfulresults and penalties over a quite huge part of the world (Carnesand John, 2011).There were various constitutions of distinct government, quite anumber of religions, made up of various nations whose traditions andconducts as well as customs had very little in common. They had solittle knowledge of each other and their intercourse was so flawedthat connecting them was next to impossible. That’s why thethirteen clocks strike together. As noted by Carnesand John (2011),to a larger extend, John Adams was very right. In his letter, he asksH. Niles, “…And when and where are they to cease?” This is avery necessary question to learn and understand how AmericanRevolution is to stop. The American people had a great aspiration fortheir king and queen and those in power. They had an obligation and aduty to offer prayers for royal families and those in power. But allthese changed when they saw the kings and queens as well as those inauthority relinquishing all the philosophies of authority leading topeople’s insecurity, obliteration of their rights as well asbelongings. They thought it their obligation to pray for not only thethirteen State congresses but the continent congress at large.

Therewas as well another change that was common to all. The Americans hada customary sort of affection for England. This is how they had beeneducated to do. In their mind, they knew their motherland England wasa loving and caring mother. But surprisingly, she wasn’t any of thetwo virtues (Carnesand John, 2011).They ceased their affection towards her into resentment and fear whenthey realized she was anything opposite of kind and tender. In hisletter, John Adams says that this fundamental alteration in themorals, views, thoughts and affection of the people was the trueAmerican Revolution. This was the beginning, pursuance andaccomplishing of the great and radical change in the religion,ethical, political as well as social personality of the people of thethirteen colonies. This alteration was dissimilar, distinct as wellasimpartiallyunconnected. Young men of all the thirteen Statesstarted to assume arduous yet exciting and witty task of probing andcollecting all the documents and materials that had records oftampering with change and people’s opinions, and invented them intoand self-governing nation. Adams says that “Themeans and the measuresare the proper objects of investigation.” The means and the measuremay become of vital use to the future not only to them but the worldat large. They will teach people that revolutions are no fripperies,nor without careful thoughts nor firm unchallengeable eternal basisof justice and humanity. Its people ought not to be a people of nointegrity, aptitude or courage through all the changes they may haveto come across (Cobbs-Hoffmanet al, 2006).

Between1760 and 1761, there was an awakening for American principles andfeelings, which eventually burst out into aggression and rage. JamesOtis, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Dr. Cooper and his brothers, amongother characters were responsible for the new revitalization andstriking together of clocks. Mr. Thacher and Doctor Jonathan Mayhemas well had a great contribution in the American Revolution eventhough they are hardly mentioned (Cobbs-Hoffmanet al, 2006).


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