Analysis of Dahomean Belief System

Analysisof Dahomean Belief System

Analysisof Dahomean Belief System

The‘Kpojito’, who was also referred to as ‘female reign-mate tothe king of Dahomey’ was known to be the wealthiest as well as theonly woman with power in Dahomey kingdom. She was just an ordinarywoman whose origin was common to Dahomeans in the twentieth century.Kpojito came into power and become the second most powerful officeholder in the kingdom of Dahomean. There is too much history of the‘Kpojito’, but this paper aims at analyzing the belief system ofDahomey. This is a necessity since the ‘Kpojito’ history can onlybe comprehended in the setting of the spiritual or religious historyof Dahomey Kingdom.

Religionis believed to have had a great impact not only on the ever-changingconditions of Dahomean kingdom offices but also an essential aspectthat had an effect on political history of this kingdom. Dahomeanparticipants can be well understood through a succinct assessment ofDahomean belief.

InDahomey, there were factually over a thousand ‘vodum’ that wereallied to humanity via multifaceted relationships. ‘Vodum’ werethe names given to gods. These gods were either allied with monarchysystem or not. Those that were allied with the system of monarchycomprised of sanctified ancestors, originators of cliques that werelegendary or dangerous or powerful spirits that were born as abnormaloffspring into families in the nineteenth century. The other godswere associated with unpreventable forces. They all inhabited theland of ‘kutome’. Royal empire reigned in the two worlds. In someway, the kinship influenced the ‘vodum’. There were variouschanging concepts in the system of Dahomey.

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