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Relocating to a different place, especially country is hard. It meansmoving away from the lifestyle one is already used to, the fear ofleaving a loving and supportive family behind, and mostly theapprehension that one is venturing into an unknown world. However,life is not certain and some things happen unexpectedly, while inmost cases things happen within our control. This is especially thecase, when one plan to do something they are optimistic will improvetheir life. Moving from my country in pursuit of better education inanother country has been among my hardest decisions. However, I amoptimistic that the decision and sacrifice will pay off in thefuture. As I pursue better education, I am sure that I will even leada better lifestyle in future. Education is a very important, and hasalways been an important aspect of my life. I believe that withouteducation it is almost impossible to achieve in life. This explainsmy reasons for transferring to a different college, which is to getthe best education.

Most of my summer time, I was doing voluntary work. A majority ofvolunteers were college students, most from international colleges.We were working in groups and in most instances the tasks mandatedthat we had to interact. The experience was great because I managedto meet students from different institutions. I loved every moment Ispent volunteering and interacting with other students and learnt alot. Each individual I talked to had their own experience and reasonsfor enrolling in their current colleges. Most of the reasons werepurely academic. The experience was enlightening as I learnt of thebest institutions. As an international student, I realize that I haveto seek a college that meets my academic needs as well as caters forthe conditions compelling me to become an international student.

I am grateful for the experiences I have had in my current college.When I joined the college, I was afraid of moving to a differentplace and meeting new people, instructors and having to adopt fast.Nevertheless, the experience has been great and I have made the bestfriends, met great professors and studied in one of the best place.However, I feel that the college does not meet my current needs as aninternational student. I consider circumstances to be a crucialaspect when searching for a college. Since I am an internationalstudent, I seek a college that will first, meet my academic needs. Inaddition, is a college that will cater for needs, like accommodation,which may be difficult to get because I come from a differentcountry. I feel that the new college will meet these circumstances.In turn, I will be able to meet my academic ambitions.

My transcripts demonstrate that I have been performing well in myprevious college. I am capable of meeting all academic challenges Iam likely to face, while at the same time remain focused on myacademics. The programs and conditions offered in your college meetmy reasons for transferring. My objective is to become the bestperformer. I also aim at pursuing my professional path via aneducational basis that aligns to the career path I choose. I amcertain that an opportunity in your college is the foundation to myacademic and future success.

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