Application of Mathematics in Daily Life

Applicationof Mathematics in Daily Life

Theimportance of education cannot be understated as far as the qualityof life that an individual leads is concerned. Indeed, it is wellacknowledged that it is considerably difficult for any person to livein the contemporary human society without some form of education.Nevertheless, it goes without saying that education is oftencategorized in varying subjects or courses, each of which is aimed atimbuing some distinctive form of knowledge in an individual and eachbeing distinctly applicable in everyday life. In this case, differentindividuals have varying preferences regarding the subjects that theyare taught. Perhaps one of the most crucial subjects in any academicinstitution or level is mathematics, a subject that often triggersantipathy or phobia among a large proportion of students across theglobe. The manner in which mathematics is introduced to studentswithout its application in daily or real life has been touted as amajor cause of a scenario where students lack enthusiasm and graduateas half-baked learners. Nevertheless, the comprehension mathematicsmust encompass much more than memorizing the techniques for solvingdifferent problems with the aim of passing exams. Indeed, it wouldhave to imbue lessons regarding the manner in which the subject couldmake real-life impact or rather having some practical value. Whilethere may be differing opinions, it is evident that mathematics has awide range of applications in day-to-day life.

First,mathematics may be useful in making plans regarding investmentdecisions. By creating and analyzing mathematics models, one is ableto make sound investment decisions. Given a constant income per day,one will be able to decide on how much to save on daily basis andchoose to minimize daily expenditures, for example, using cheapermeans of transport may entail waking up early and boarding a traininstead of taking a taxi, this will reduce daily transportexpenditures, Also, taking advantage of the sale year offers in themarket. Such offers enable one to buy more for less thereby savingsome coins for investment purposes. Inattempt to invest, an individual starts by acknowledging the variousinvestments options in the market and analyzing them will requirebasic application of mathematics. Simpleand compound interest principles in mathematics are used to calculatethe expected returns in various investment options. “Theanalysis of stock prices and the trends in stock markets,essentially, necessitates some calculations over the years so as todetermine the most viable ones for investment. Indeed, one would haveto calculate the losses and profits so as to determine whether tosell or buy a particular stock”(Williams et al 49). The practicability of applying for a loan isalso measured by looking at the interest charged. An individual mayneed to analyze the options available by getting information aboutdifferent loan products offered by different institution therebygoing for the most cost effective. Lastly, mathematics principlesare applied in evaluating short term and long-term investments(Harshbarger28).One may decide to invest in short term investments several timesespecially where capital is limited or invest in long terminvestments. The latter is more applicable when one has a largecapital base. In making investments, one also needs to study themarket and analyze the risk involved in various investment options. An individual may therefore choose to be risk averse and invest ingovernment bonds and treasury bills which have guaranteed income andare less risky, or be a risk taker and invest in stocks whosesuccessful returns are based on probability (Stewart 63).

Inaddition, mathematics would be useful particularly in makingdecisions pertaining to the daily schedules of an individual. Fromthe time an individual wakes up, he or she would have to makecalculations regarding the time that would be allocated to varyingactivities. Mathematics takes a major role in making time estimatesgiven the fact that one has limited operational hours per day and hasto do all the daily activities within that limited time. Startingfrom, estimating the time one wakes up, the alarm is set to allowenough time for daily schedules. “Similarly,calculations pertaining to cost accounting would be used in makingestimates regarding the available consumables and the time neededbefore more are bought or replacements are made” (Williamset al 53). Knowing how much to consume ensures that the consumableslasts until the next purchase. On daily basis, one decides on themode of transport to use given the available time and budgetconstraints. Calculating distance from home to destination placehelps one to determine the amount of fuel to be consumed therefore,planning for fuel cost or rather the fare needed to get to thedestination if one is using a train. Considering the time when one isusing apersonal car, bearing techniques will help one determine theshortest route thereby saving on fuel cost and time. Mathematicssuch as Linear functions and equations are used while choosing fromfixed and variable cost. Products such as Internet, TV and Mobilephone contracts are based on average usage (Epp 42). Use of thesetechniques will enable one to make an informed decision on what topurchase.Atthe end of the day, or during the weekend, one may consider itnecessary to engage in some sort of leisure. Well, it isrecommendable to do so. Leisure management comes in handy whiledeciding the types of entertainments available, personal preferences,time and money available, thereby informing an individual’s choiceof entertainment. “Consideringthe time that one has at his disposal, the time needed for eachactivity and the number of activities, it is common for individualsto undertake mental scheduling”(Harshbarger42). An individual is required to allocate time to different activitiesdepending on the urgency and the resources available. Ideally, thisbrings about the application of PERT Models in Network models.Project Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT) are methods used toanalyze activities involved in completing a particular project inrespect to the time needed to complete each activity, and to identifythe minimum time required to complete the entire project.

Further,mathematics comes in handy in making decisions pertaining to foodsand dressing. There has been constant health marketing campaignslaying emphasis on the importance of healthy living, and how living ahealthy life can prolong an individual’s lifespan. Living healthyrequires one to take a balanced diet. One needs to know what to buyfor meals, be it breakfast, lunch or supper and the costimplications. ‘Ideally, even when cooking, practical knowledge ofportions will determine what to mix, the amount of heat required.This encompasses analysis, reasoning and attention’ (Harshbarger39).An individual is also required to watch out on weight by ensuringthat he/ she is only consuming the right amount of calories on dailybasis depending on how active one is during the day one shouldbalance the energy consumed with the energy used, therefore,‘watching out the portions of ingredients in the purchasedproducts, for example, ensuring that starch makes a third of foodpurchased, 2000 (Kilojoules) calories per day for women and 2500(kilojoules) calories for men, five types of different types offruits and vegetables and eight glasses of water per day’(Harshbarger43).Healthy living also entails cutting down on saturated sugars, saltsand fats. Having this in mind, one will be requiringchecking thepercentage component of manufactured products. There is need fordaily exercises as well to help burn calories. “Usingcommercial mathematics will help an individual to decide on the modeof exercise activities to engage in given limited time and money”(Tan 74). One may decide to be taking a walk in the morning and/or inthe evening or registering in a gym for workouts’. When it comes tobuying clothes, one will decide on the best measurements, given anindividual’s height and width, which brand to buy, the make and itsdurability. ‘Depending on availability of funds one may choose tobuy cheap brands that will take one for at least three months or justbuy a durable brand that will last for a while’ (Epp 56). Lastly,purchasing the best insurance policy on offer relies heavily onmathematics principles.

Mathematicsapplication in daily life is so frequent that some applications maygo unnoticed. For example, using the phone to chat needs someknowledge on basic mathematics especially on the combination ofnumbers. Other simple activities such as organizing dinner orstudents’ party. One has to know the number of people expected toattend so as to determine how much food and drinks to prepare or topurchase. Also, knowing individual preferences will also help planaccordingly. Some people are vegetarians and others do not consumesugars. In gardening also, one needs to know how many rows or holesto make in order to fit all the seedlings. When making housedecorations one need to determine how much painting to use, acquiringnew house fittings requires mathematics to make the sums add up.Mathematics will also help in decision making whether to purchasethings now or to wait for some days in order to be able to make thepurchase, Some people may also decide to wait for a Sale, or marketoffers to make a specific purchase as during that time the item willcost half the price or at least several percentage lower than themarket price. Generally, mathematics is used in making logicalcalculations and deducing conclusions from such calculations.

Inconclusion, the importance of studying mathematics is over emphasizedby the extent to which it contributes to the quality of life. Inessence, the quality of life of an individual is determined by thedecisions made on daily basis and as we have listed above,mathematics is very core in making these decisions. Mathematics findsits application across all fields of science, technology, businessand commerce. Right from making investment decisions, to performingdaily activities, knowing the best insurance to purchase and lastlyhealthy living, mathematics is seen to play a major role in everyperson’s life therefore, its applicability cannot beunderestimated. The heightened awareness of mathematicshascontributed widely to improvement of the quality of life.


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