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Thispaper covers description of the manner in which the modernizedversion of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet would be directed(Shakespeare, 1904). My choice of Hamlet is due to its influence andeffects on writers, directors as well as consumers who relate theplay to the current times. The central theme that will be explored isthe mystery of death. The central theme is supported by the obsessionof Hamlet with the idea of death as the play advances he considersseveral perspectives of death (Shakespeare, 1904). There is a cleardepiction of him considering spiritual consequence of death that isin a ghost. Additionally, the central theme of death seems tied withevery other theme including spirituality, truth and uncertainty indeath.

Myversion of play would be acted in a normal home place given thehorror nature of the turn of events in the play that surrounds anormal family or home set up. The tragic nature of the deaths thatarise within the family only calls for a normal family set up. Asmuch as there is modernization of the play, more sense comes out inthe play upon putting on of the clothes with some traditional touchin them. Some of the costumes used will include a black velvet cloakwith sleeves that is embroidered all over with silver and gold. Someof the actors will put on gowns especially the female actors. Thefeminine costumes would include bodice and skirt usually known aspetti coat.

Someof the contemporary actors that I would cast in the play include TomHanks, Angelina Jolie, Liam Neeson and Brad Pitt. These three willact in the major roles in the play owing to the similarities in theroles of the plays they acted before such as Brad Pitt in World War Zand Angelina Jolie in Maleficent.


Shakespeare,W. (1904). The tragedy of Hamlet. University Press.

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