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Arepussy riot members proliferating ascendency or they mean to check thepowers of the government?

Isstaging a show trial a form of radical or reform movement?

Article1: Punk, Skirts, Balaclavas

Alexander maintains that the Kremlin’s effort to enforce itspolitical mission in Russia only ends up strengthening its enemies.For instead, Putin’s move to arrest Mr. Khodorkovsky in the year2003 only ended up making him a symbol of Russia’s civil plight.Years later, the administration’s move to arrest the member of thePussy Riot pop group also turned them into revolutionary heroes.However, Alexander does not critically evaluate the changes in thecountry’s penal system, which may qualify acts by the victims’actions as illegal and anti-government.

Article2: “Pussy riot closing statements”

Yekaterina Samutsevich opens her remarks by saying that althoughpeople expect the accused to express remorse for their actions, theywill not. She defends their actions of storming a church and singingan anti-regime song, and faults the method that the authorities usedto arrest them and put them in bad light to the public. She alsoexpects a guilty verdict, but nonetheless, suggests that their fightis on the right path.

MariaAlyokhina feels that their actions and the trial will expose theRussian administration for what it really is, corrupt and oppressive.She feels that the entire Russian system, from education, medicine tocivil rights, is very flawed and that it needs to be changed.However, the ills of the government have led to the emergence ofself-aware youths, who are willing to sacrifice all to fight it.Additionally, she faults the international community, especially theWest, for ignoring the plight of the Russians, despite the fact thatthey are aware of its misdeeds.

NadezhdaTolokonnikova asserts that it is not the members of the pussy riotthat are in trial, but the entire political system of the Russianfederation. She faults the government system and its structures, andsays that the regime is authoritarian. She defend their performancein the Cathedral, and says that the authorities are over-reactingmainly because they loath the truth.

Thethree Russian activists’ closing statement is a show of theirconfidence in the actions that led to their arrest. They go ahead toinsinuate that they would do what they did if they found anotherchance, and that the fight they are in for the political good ofRussia. Despite the outcome of their trial, the three activists areprepared to continue their fight for freedom.

Article2: Encyclopedia entry ANTI-FRACKING ACTIVISM

Fracking is an argot term for hydraulic fracturing of oil or gas(Wilber 12). It is the procedure of drilling into fractures in rocksand injecting fluids to force the crack to open further, for thepurposes of drilling oil and gas. This process is carried outvertically. Leading drilling companies have used this method acrossthe world. Fracking is popular amongst some of the largest Europeaneconomies, such as England, and the United States of America.

Fracking has greatly revolutionized the energy industry, however, inthe process, prompted major environmental concerns thus, greatcriticism from environmentalists. The first concern is the amounts ofwater that need to be transported to the fracking site, which havesignificant environmental impacts. The second concern is thechemicals that are used in the process, which have been found tocontaminate groundwater around the fracking sites. This oil and gasmining process has been likened by many to global warming, and thisis the reason anti-fracking activism has taken shape swiftly over therecent past.

Internationally, there has been an uprising anti-fracking movementwith concerns that Russia continues to play a part in theanti-fracking movements (Higgins 3). The major concern ofanti-fracking activists in Russia is that fracking distracts firmsand governments from investing in renewable sources of energy, suchas wind and tidal energy. There have been speculations from theleading media houses that Russia is behind the anti-fracking campaign(Higgins 6). However, there has been no definitive proof inquantifying the claims. However, what is known is that the countryhas one of the most active environmental activists in Europe, andsuch a major environmental concern cannot go unnoticed.

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