PartA: Artist

Theartist i love the most is Maurice Cockrill. He is an artist whosescope of styles, procedure, innovativeness and conviction made himrespected as a painter. He was an artist of remarkable range anddesire. Cockrill constantly appeared to me exceptionally vibrant insoul, continually searching, constantly busy, and always seeing theworld with new eyes. His mindset appears similar to mine (Alfrey &ampBernard Jacobson Gallery, 1996). The thought of practising a recipeis something I have generally been perplexed about: I dislike thethought that you can ever recognize what you are doing. I am alwayssearching for something that I do not exactly think about. This isthe link to some of his work:

PartB: Naked pictures of Adolescents

Postingnude pictures on the internet is a current trend, fuelled byboundless accessibility of moderate cell telephones withpicture-taking and sending capacities. It is progressively basic,particularly among sexually inquisitive, hormone-driven teens. Allthings considered, one in five youngsters have sent or posted bare orsemi-naked pictures or features of themselves.

Inthe event that an individual makes, sends, or gets a nude picture, heor she may have perpetrated the criminal offense of childpornography. Sex offense laws originating before the nude picturesensation do not consider the straightforwardness and recurrence withwhich teenagers send naked pictures to one another from theirtelephones. In any case, they subject the teenagers to a horde ofcrime allegations and marking as a &quotsex offender&quot (Mori,2009).

Ayoungster`s capacity to snap a picture and send it in seconds withoutreflection offers an increase in new legitimate issues for societyand the lawful group. The concerned teenager stands up to lawyers andcourts with new and mixed-up legitimate issues. Across the country,prosecutors and police are not yet at bar in applying these laws tothe minors they were intended to protect. Criminal and adolescentcourts should likewise contemplate applying serious criminalpunishments to youth who may have just had a minute of poor judgment(Hof &amp Koops, 2011).

Thenude pictures posted on the internet can have serious social andpsychological results for teenagers and grown-ups alike, particularlywhere a picture is taken without information, sent without assent, orused to embarrass and victimize. Further, the shame of uncontrolleddispersal of individual and private pictures can essentially upsetthe subject’s life. In addition, the nude pictures compromise therespect and dignity of the subject, and may expose their schools andpeers to criminal liability.


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