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Thenight sky described by Van Gogh in Starry Night painting is brimfulof whirling clouds, glowing stars and a brilliant crescent moon. Thecontoured forms in the starry night are a means of expressionconveying emotions. Dark colors are used to paint the village but thewindows are brightly lit to create a sense of comfort (Artble 1).Despite the dramatic night sky the village is peaceful and one canalmost feel the silence of night. The steeple that dominates thevillage is a symbol of unity. There is a curvy cypress tree intheleft foreground which is associated with morning it is painted withfluid lines to enhance flow (Artble 1).

Todraw attention to the sky and create a spiral effect Van Gogh usewhite and yellow. A vertical line that is in the same manner as thechurch tower and the cypress softly breaks the composition but do notretract from the powerful night. Dark greens and blues werecomplemented with mint green touch displaying the reflection of themoon (Artble 1).The buildings in the middle are small blocks oforange, yellow, and green with a dart of red in the left side of thechurch. Blue dominates the starry night but is balanced by orangeelement of the sky.

Lifeand death are contrasted with the luminous stars and a peacefulgloomy village, the light sources are crescent moon and shiningstars. There is hope depicted in the painting itis still possible tosee light in the windows despite the dark night (Artble 1).

Inthe starry night, thick brush strokes are used, there is consistencythat adds more depth and rich texture to that work of art.


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