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Good people

The story is about a white man and his girlfriend on a picnic by thelakeshore. They knew each other in a college where the man waspursuing accounting and the lady nursing. From their sittingposition, we can tell something is not clear. It is evident that theyare troubled and in deep thoughts. She laughs sarcastically when hesays he will go with her. Sheri (girl) is older than Lane (man) withone year. He wants to go with her, but he pretends he does not knowthe name of what he wants (Wallace 154). He is not in true love withher. He only likes her personality, smell, and dowry hands and wishto spend more time with her. It hurts him on realization that shecannot easily give in. Sheri’s principles keep her firm. Sheis a strong believer and knows it is not the right time to do itdespite the fact that she loves him. He gives her chance to decidewhen she is okay and says he is ready for conversation. He tries tosay some things to make Sheri open up her heart, not intelligentenough to know he is under study. Despite him not saying he does notlove her, one could tell he had weaknesses and lacked values (Wallace150). Despite his hypocrisy knowing it is a sin, he still believesthat there is God who is loving and compassionate. At the end,Sheri damns Lane “good people” due to his hypocrisy. He thoughtby opening up she would not keep the appointment but on realizationthat he does not love her and only wanted to take advantage of herbeauty, she makes up her decision and releases him to enjoy lifesomewhere else. She is not ready to bring disgrace to her familyneither raises a child alone. Her values blocked the way either aclear sign of good people (Wallace 153).

Work cited

Wallace,David. Good people. Lake Mary, Fla: Charisma House, 2007.Print.

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