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Hills like white Elephants

The writing comprises of an interesting conversation between anAmerican man and his girlfriend. It is clear from their conversationthat they had contrasting views regarding the hills across the valleyof Ebro which the girl insisted that they looked liked whiteelephants. On the contrary, the man does not seem to get amused bythe statement made by the girl and refutes the idea that themountains look like white elephants. It is also clear that the girldoes not like the beer that the man orders (Hemingway 115). A closerlook at the conversation will reveal that the man orders the beeralone and does not involve the girl fully in making the choices.

It is evident that the two people have had problems in theirrelationship and the conversation in the reading is indicative of thesteps they are taking to try and resolve their differences. It isalso evident that the girl is uncomfortable with the situation facingthem at the station. Towards the end of the conversation, it isabundantly clear that the girl is yearning to leave and is extremelyelated when the lady serving them beer tells them that the train willbe there in five minutes (Hemingway 118). The girl even attempted andwarned the man that she would scream. The writing is clearmanifestation of how people or nature could be on two different sidesyet are in same location. At the beginning of the writing, it isclearly stipulated that the White Mountains are present in a groundthat is brown and dry (Hemingway 114). The same case applies with theAmerican man and the girl. Whereas the girl is not interested in thebeer and focuses on the beauty of nature, the man seems to focus onbeer and ignores the girl’s interests.

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