Benefits Of Guest Reviews Number

BenefitsOf Guest Reviews


BenefitsOf Guest Reviews

Oneof the major concerns by hotels globally I the satisfaction of theirclient as well as getting positive reviews which would be anessential tool to attract future customers. This idea has broughtdifferent views from hotel management of different hotels. Forexample, according to Shafiq Khan from Marriott International, theychoose not to have the customer reviews published in their hotel`swebsite. On the other hand, Tim from TimPeter &amp Associates, said that, the inclusion of the reviews is apositive gain to both their clients and the business. Different business entities have had different views concerning theimpact of the reviews in the business. This paper looks to answer thequestion whether if in charge I can include guest reviews.

Yes,as a manager I would greatly advocate for the inclusion of the guestreviews on the business website. The inclusion of the reviews would agreat tool to act as an attraction tool for the future guests in thebusiness in future. Working in the business field and especially thehotel industry, one should be aware the positives of a great customerservice, and in turn the reviews would an essential source ofinformation to build a great customer service (Peppers&amp Rogers, 2011).Numerous merits are associated with the inclusion of the customerreviews which include

Oneof the essential, efficient and economical ways to measure customersatisfaction is through the creation of satisfaction surveys whichare done through client’s feedback or reviews. In addition, sincethe adoption of advanced of the marketing industry, the onlineplatform has become an essential element in marketing any businessand in turn use of guests` reviews would help attract more to thebusiness. However, it’s through the reviews by the clients thatacts as the assurance for future clients of the services or goodsoffered. Other reasons that may lead to the inclusion of the reviewsin the business website is the fact that, the use of reviews givesup-to-date feedback, helps to benchmark results, as well as showingthe clients that you care as a business. Client reviews act as toolsto help improve the customer service to the clients. Whenever thereis a negative review, the business can positively take it as aninitiative to improve the business performance (Peppers&amp Rogers, 2011).

Inaddition to marketing the hotel service sand products, customerreviews also help to have a constructive criticism and suggestions.As well as helping to have a closer relationship with the customerswhich is an essential elelemnt in the hotel business. This helps tohave a higher customer return level as well as attracting newclients. I would also use the client reviews to act as employeeassessment of their performance. Whenever, the clients raise an issuewith any employee, the hotel can use the highlight to improve theemployee, client relationship, which as well is an essential elementin improving the hotel industry (Peppers&amp Rogers, 2011).Finally, the clients review would help to identifyand prioritize concerns such as poor service or maintenance needs.In conclusion, as a manager I would choose to include the reviews toimprove the performance of the business through the improvement ofthe customer service. Customer feedback and complaints are essentialfor business, especially the hospitalityindustry.


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