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Thenovel captures an interesting style in writing. One of the issues Ifind interesting in this novel is that each of the tales can standalone as a short story. This is not common among early writers untilit later appeared through other writers most likely influenced byAnderson. This style allows him to offer different perspectives onthe same issue without largely depending on one character. Anotherissue I find interesting in the book pertains to the character ofWing Biddlebaum in the tale “Hands.” He introduces the issue ofhomosexuality despite the fact that the book was published at a timewhen society was very intolerant to homosexuality. He however, steersclear of condemning or endorsing this practice. On the overall, Ifind the book appealing in the manner that it delves into how theemotions and feelings of different characters are presented. It givesme the impression that the author was a very emotional person.

Bellamyvs Anderson

Bellamyportrays positive thinking and hope for a better future which themain character wakes up to after 113 years. The author talks of asocialist society where people are more satisfied in life, happier,work less and get paid better which differs strongly with what waspresent 113 years ago. This kind of optimistic thinking is absent inAnderson’s book where he concentrates on depicting frustrations ofordinary people geneneral lack of optimism. For instance, AliceHindman has lost her hope for reuniting with her lover and has toadmit &quotbravely the fact that many people must live and diealone.”1Such is the magnitude of hopelessness in Anderson’s book.

Ontransition from rural to urban America, Anderson highlights thedifferent lifestyles of rural and urban America. In “Loneliness”he writes about social alienation that Robinson goes through in thecity. He is even hit by a car and thrown against an iron post. Suchchallenges are missing in the rural life and simple town ofWinesburg. The contrast is sharp as people of Winesburg, though havethey have different jobs and professions, assume collective existenceunlike in the city. He thus appears to promote a rural lifestyle bydepicting it as being better than an urban lifestyle.


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