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Leadershipand management are two concepts that should be experienced in anorganization to make the environment effective for productivity.While the two are complementary, one is more superior to the other.Given a choice, it would be rational and better to prefer to beconsidered in leadership to manage. This is because leadership is theart of influencing people, which is more relevant to an organizationthan management. Management does not consider the most finiteelements of human relations.

Accordingto Godin (2013), leadership and management are different elements oforganizational and human influence. Godin (2013) further explainsthat a person can try to be a leader, but end up being a manager.This is because the personalities of leadership are superior to thoseof the management. Therefore, to effectively influence people, amanager should be a leader while a leader need not be a manager. Thedevelopment of leadership is more intense than management. Whilemanagement is a learnt art, leadership is developed through theunderstanding of human relations.


ResultsOnly Work Environment (ROWE) is a management strategy that givesemployees flexible schedules and environment to allow them to beevaluated on goals (Nelson &amp Quick, 2015). ROWE schedulesemployees based on their potential and plan to meet their goals andplans. Focusing on these features, the company that would work andimplement ROWE well is Google Inc. Google Inc has very liberalizedworking environment where every employee is flexible in terms ofgeneration of ideas. At Google Inc, employees are allowed to presentsuggestions on the projects they would like to work on and schedulesto follow.

ROWEwould work at Google Inc because of the quality of managers at thecompany. The firm has managers with excellent leadership qualitiesthat make them good at influencing the behavior and actions of theemployees. The culture of excellence at Google would be the bestenvironment for the implementation of ROWE. This is because employeesat the firm are familiar with working in an environment characterizedby less supervision. At the same time, the company is focused on theresults of an individual, which makes it possible for employees torate themselves. However, the management would consider alteringremuneration of employees after evaluating their results based on theROWE concept.


Mylast employers faced the challenges of organizational structure dueto non-traditional forces. One of the challenges was change intechnology as the firm had installed a new management system. Tosolve this problem, the managing director organized severalinterdepartmental meetings to evaluate the options of restructuringthe firm. While the significance of some positions was greatlyinfluenced by the new system, the manager was able to restructure thecompany to fit the new environment. He was able to overcome thischallenge through constant consultation and communication with theconcerned stakeholders and the employees.

Thecompany where I was last employed was a soft drink manufacturing anddistribution company. The company produces soft drinks for generaland sporting use. The firm has the traditional functional structure,with the differentiation of the departments based on the product. Thefirm had a culture of considering employees in every decision makingprocess. This is done through direct messaging that is enabled by thestrong management system that the firm has employed. This creates anopen field for the expression of ideas, opinion and sharinginformation.


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