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In the Carver’s short story, Cathedral, he explores the lifestyleof the relationship between a blind man called Robert and an unnamedarmy officer and his wife. The officer’s wife was friends with theofficer since childhood. Just before the summer, she got married, andshe was broke, and the husband-to-be had no money because as he wasjust graduating from the armed forces academy. She had decided towork for a blind man in Seattle so that she could raise some money tosustain her until she got married. For the short time she stayed withRobert, the blind man, she developed strong emotional bonds that madethem continue corresponding with recorded information (Carver 34).

In my view, Robert was romantic while the officer was not. The latterprobably ignored his wife because since she claims that she feltlonely. She was also unsatisfied for being an officer’s wifebecause they were always moving from one military base to another.Eventually, she decided to commit suicide, as she could not withstandthe pressure. In fact, her relationship with the officer was rocky asshe had informed the Robert in the tapes that they had separated atsome time, and she was contemplating divorce. However, she reconciledwith her husband just before she could divorce him. “On one tape,she told the blind man she`d decided to live away from her officerfor a time. On another tape, she told him about her divorce. She andI began going out, and of course, she told her blind man about it(Carver 35).”

It is clear that the officer’s wife was emotionally attracted tothe blind man because he was listened to him. In addition, sheinformed her husband that Robert had requested to touch her face andon the last day in the office. The author seems to be suggesting thatshe had a sexual affair with Robert. The reader can conclude thatbecause Robert married the employee who replaced the officer’swife. This indicates that he wooed his workers and the officer’swife no exception. In fact, she was trying to write a poem about herexperience with Robert (Carver 34). The husband had no friends andsounded sarcastic while Robert was ever attentive and compassionatewith her. Probably, his empathy made her attracted to him since itappears she was struggling to win the love and attention of herhusband. He had no friends and shared no interests with his wife.

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