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Dr.Diana Henderson became the principal of Lincoln high school at a timewhen the school was rated close to the bottom when compared to othersimilar high schools. The new principal was determined to change thisand she went ahead and implemented a new policy that would see theschool performance increase by 30% in a period of 5 years. Sheintroduced a closed-door policy that allowed her to work more and heroffice was only open for visitors 2 hours a day and during anyemergency cases.


Oneof the key issues in the case study is to what extent should aprincipal’s office remain closed or open to the staff. Whereas anopen door policy brings an atmosphere of friendliness, it limits theproductivity of the principal. A closed-door policy may make stafffeel powerless and frustrated. However, in this case the principalhad her office open for two hours in a day and in the event of anyemergencies. Another issue is what issues would be given priority dueto the limited access time that the principal had. Another key issueis the evaluation of a policy. A policy should be reevaluated todetermine its effectiveness.


Dr.Diana Henderson closed door policy had enabled the school to improveits performance by 15% in her first year in office. This is becauseit gave her ample time to discharge her administrative duties. Theprincipal had also categorically stated that her office would remainopen for visitors two hours a day and in the event of anyemergencies. One would also book an appointment. The principal wasalso very concerned in the case of SandraMiller and wondered why she had not told her secretary that hersituation was an emergency.


Theclosed-door policy had proved to be effective. It allowed theprincipal to handle her administrative duties without interruptionsand this had helped the school to improve its overall ranking. InSandra Miller’s case, she had not asserted that her case was anemergency.

Thisinformation should be used by school administrators to determinewhich policy would be effective in their respective schools. A schooladministrator should employ a strategy that is beneficial to theschool while also giving staff enough time to have their issuesattended to.


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