Case Study “Sports Not Just Fun and Games”


Discussion Questions

Predictive analytics refers to the discovery as well ascommunication of significant data patterns. It has shown to be anefficient approach in ensuring the selection of the best players inbaseball. In addition, it is effective in enhancing the performanceof an entire team. In the similar manner, predictive analyticsapplies to baseball it is also applicable in football. Players in afootball pitch need to coordinate with each other and bestrategically located within the field. This enhances the chances ofpassing the football to a team member. It can also apply inmonitoring the actions of the competing teams and ensure that teamplayers move ahead of their competitors. It is possible to achievesuch advances through recording of the trajectory of the pitch. Byusing cameras to track the pitch, and computers to measure the speedof players, it is possible to predict how players move within thepitch.

It takes long for mathematical methods to be accepted in sports, dueto the complexity of many sports. Unlike business, where the methodsare effective in determining how to get and retain customers, a sportinvolves many actions. In sports, the methods have to calculatemovement, positioning, trajectory among other aspects. In addition,the sports culture makes it almost impossible to accept mathematicalmethods. For long, sport decisions have been arrived at based on gutfeelings. Those that have experience in a sport instruct on what todo while in the field. They utilize data in justifying their instinctand not going against it. Another culture in sports has been payingtop players more. It works as motivation to guarantee that theycontinue performing while the rest work harder to become top players.Hence, there has been no need to use mathematical techniques.

Critical Thinking Questions

Predictive analytics is a method, whose major objective is topredict results. It is used when uncertain about the expected outcomeof any specific action. Thus, using the method in choosing a sectionof a required course is possible. The method will make it possible touse information on when the course if offered and by whichinstructor. By analyzing the data, it becomes possible to select aperiod that aligns with one’s wants. It also makes it possible toselect the instructor one feels is more appropriate. However, it isnecessary to note that the method may not result in the exactanticipated outcome. This is because the method predicts results.Unlike in sports where the method predicts how to win, predicting howto be successful in selecting a course is more complex. The objectiveis based on personal gratification and not a general objective ofwinning.

The barriers to successful use of analytics arise from culturalfactors, and an absence of skilled analysts that comprehend sportsand are able to explain the methods clearly to sport executives. Thesame challenges are likely to affect the use of the techniques toenhance a department’s performance. The manager’s reluctance fromusing the method derives from an already existing approach, which heis reluctant to let go. This implies that the organization has a setup culture already. In addition, because they have not previouslyused predictive analytics, it is not possible to demonstrate that thetechnique will work better than the existing. It is necessary tobegin with training on the new method. This ensures that the managerand department members are fully aware of how it works. Hence, itwill be easier to introduce.

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