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Theresponse of Miss Strait is likely to deter students from cheating asRichard did because they will fear that they would be given grade Fin case they are caught cheating. However, it is only Miss Straitthat cares about cheating problems and other teachers see it, but donot care. Therefore, the response of Miss Strait may not be effectivein completely deterring students from teaching. Richard’s behaviormay change because he would fear being awarded F again.

Ithink the teacher overreacted because she was giving the punishmentbecause other teachers see the lack of morals in the students, but donot care. So, she acted in that manner because she does not want thekids to get away with the lack of morals. The punishment did not fitthe crime committed because it seemed extreme Richard was given an Ffor just cheating in two assignments out of thirty assignments.

Theteacher did not consider alternative approaches to the problem underdiscussion. The teacher could have denied Richard marks for theassignments that he cheated in, or could have made Richard repeat theassignments that he cheated. Besides, the teacher could also havegiven Richard one grade lower because of cheating, but not awardinghim an F.

Theprincipal should intercede because it is one of his responsibilitiesto know the welfare of students and their relationships withteachers. The teacher should be told of the letter because it isimportant to know how parents are responding to her actions however,I think there is no need of the letter going into the teacher’sfile, but the principal should consider discussing the matter withthe teacher.

Theprincipal can improve the negative or rigid behavior on the side ofthe staff through establishing policies that should be followed bythe staff. However, the principal needs to engage the staff in comingup with the policies (Clark,2003).


Clark,H. (2003).&nbspHumanresources: A practical guide to South African labour legislation.Cape Town: Pearson Education, Inc.

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