Changing the World through the Media

Changingthe World through the Media


  • This project is about innovation that can use the existing mass media to transform the world.

  • When one mentions the word innovation, three things come to their mind: the creation of something new, the renewal of something that already exists, and the introduction of new thinking around processes that already exist in a system.

  • It is in this context that this project does not seek to introduce a new kind of media but use the existing one to change the world.

  • The target media is social media where blogs and websites help nonprofits become successful by teaching them how to use measurements and metrics.


  • Investing in this project will establish a social media network that aids nonprofits across the world to transform their organizational culture by embracing a new way of working.

  • They can also use the same metrics to measure the effectiveness of the transformation through data. Introducing these skills will make social media a source of vital metrics and data.

  • Nonprofits need these metrics and data as a form of business intelligence to make important decisions and quantify success.

  • The first reason to invest in this project is to make nonprofits data-informed rather than just being data driven.


Thisproject will make a difference for nonprofit organizations. Uponlogging into the blog site and other social networks, they willaccess professionals who will provide consultancy on the followingissues:

  • Teach them how to use data to measure ability to meet the mission and organizational goals

  • Value progress and measure results using metrics such as insight, organizational results, relationships, and social change outcomes

  • Make decisions based on key performance indicators, execute continuous process improvement, and identify what works and what does not work for the organization.

  • Test different organizational strategies using low-risk experiments and tactics and learn from them

  • Using spreadsheets with meaningful data rather than useless metrics such as the plague

  • Utilize data to set organizational priorities and better juggle workloads


  • The vision for this project is to ensure that all nonprofits become networked.

  • Becoming networked, in this context, is appreciating data as a tool decision making and organizational operations.

  • Social media through blog sites and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will become an avenue for nonprofits that are just starting to embrace using networks and are not measuring at all to begin.

  • It will improve measurement techniques for those that are already doing it.

  • There is no easier way of establishing measurement professionals than through social media networks.

  • Traditional media such as television, radio, and the print media will also aid in running advertisements.


  • Financing this project will provide an opportunity for all nonprofits to realize their ultimate goal of causing social change. But they cannot get to any destination in this goal without a road map and some sign posts along their way.

  • Measurement is their map, and the metrics are the signposts. Connecting with people, enhancing engagements, and inspiring people to make donations are vital for social change. They are also easy to measure.

  • Nonprofits will use metrics to measure conversions from conversation to checks, email list sign-ups, petition signature, or emails to an elected official. Thus, the decision-making organs of nonprofits will learn how to leverage these social networks to make change offline.


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