China Labor Laws


ChinaLabor Laws

ChinaLabor Laws

Article10 of the Chinese labor law requires that all employers provide goodworking conditions to employees in China (China Org, n.d). Infurtherance of the laws, article 15 bans employers from employingjuveniles below the age of 16 years (China Org, n.d). However, theseand other laws are not enforced effectively, leading to poor workingconditions and labor environment in the country. The workingconditions can be exemplified by the poor treatment of workers at theChinese factories that make Apple Inc products. According to Bilto(2014), the workers live in deplorable conditions, are overworked andinvolve juvenile laborers. Taking the case of Apple in china, it isevident that the labor laws in China are unable to protect workers.

Thecurrent Chinese labor laws article 95 states that criminal chargeswill be leveled against any person who breaches the rights of theemployees (China Org, n.d). However, the labor laws in China are noteffective to protect the rights of workers because of poorimplementation and selective application. The labor laws have not hadany significance in the factories and work environment ofmultinationals that have outsourced labor in the country. The case ofapple has been just but a repeat of the similar case with Nike, Inc,among other companies that had cases of poor worker relations.

Comparedwith the United States, the China has low enforcement level of thelabor laws. In the United States, relevant authorities are effectivein the implementation of the labor laws of the land, which is not thecase in China. One of the reasons why labor laws in China areineffective is the Chinese culture and perception over the workenvironment. The people of china do not take an active role to fightagainst the injustices in the working environment. This is becausethey are ignorant of their rights and the standard conditions thatthey should work at. However, the view holds for the poor peasantworkers and is different for rich workers, top management employeesor staff of the multinational companies in China. Despite theineffective law, Jones (2013) reports that China has made efforts toimplement her 1995 labor laws in the country, as a way of regulatingthe working environment.


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