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CinemaRex Fire


The Cinema Rex Fire took place inthe Abadan city in the island of Abadan located in the oil-richKhuzestan Province in Iran killing over 400 people (Mottahedeh 374).Iranian and international media relying on falsehoods peddled byconservative mullahs blamed the incident on the government withclaims that it orchestrated the attack to discredit the mullahs(Sreberny-Mohammadi and Mohammadi 126). The presence of police at thescene, though they were there on other police business, and delayedresponse by fire brigade made the story believable. The media thusignored facts and shaped public perceptions and opinions based onfalsehoods peddled by the mullahs (Satrapi 2003). However, Muslimmilitants who carried out other attacks that led to the Iranianrevolution, later claimed responsibility over the attack therebyexonerating the government. The attack on the cinema was a show ofintolerance by conservatives to western culture and moralspopularized by western movies aired at Cinema Rex and other cinemasin Iran at that time. This marked the Iranian revolution thattargeted anything in Iran that was viewed as westernized orpro-government.


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