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Itis during ones high school years that one starts to ask themselvesthe importance of getting a college education. However, despite theanswer to this, most students are still put off by the high tuitionfees charged by institutions of higher learning (Eyring39). The lucky students will have their tuition fee paid by theirparents. Others will have to apply for scholarships, work as theystudy or ultimately give up their dreams of attending college. Therehave been arguments that while basic education is a right, collegedeemed as a privilege for the lucky few. However, the importance ofgetting a college education cannot be overlooked. This paper willdiscuss why I deserve a college education among the many students whowould want to have a college education.

Ideserve a college since I am always top of my class. I usually scoresA’s in all courses and I believe I am the best in our class. Inaddition, my teachers are always praising me and they definitelybelieve that I have to, it takes to earn a college education. Beingtop of my class makes me deserve a college education over the otherstudents in my class. This is no mean feat, as I have to work hardand study hard to ensure that I always emerge top of my class. Inaddition, I have to give up some of the things I like in order tostudy. As such, for my sacrifice and handwork, which is proved byemerging top of my class, I think I deserve a college education.

Ideserve college educations since my parents, unlike the otherstudents parents’ are very rich and can afford the high tuitionfees charged by our higher learning institutions. The United Statesof America is one of the most expensive countries in the world to geta college education. This is due to the high fees charged by mostinstitutions of higher learning. Many people have to rely onscholarships and bursaries in order to be able to have a collegeeducation. Some will even have to juggle between school life and worklife just to get a college education. However, since my parents arerich, they can be able to comfortably pay my fees and support mylifestyle thought my college life.

Ideserve a college education since I study in one of the best schoolsin the country. My school boasts of having the best facilities, hasthe best teaching, and support staff. The school is also modern andhas state of the art facilities that other school can only dream of.This has allowed me to sample education at its best and have the bestteaching staff in the country. This makes me deserve a collegeeducation. I believe being taught by the best will also me, make methe best and as such, this makes me worthy of a college educationover other students.

Ideserve a college education since unlike the other students I have adream of making the world a better place. There is widespread povertyall over the world and it is a pity that in the 21stcentury, people sleep hungry and without shelter. I would like tochange this and ensure that every person in the world has food to eatand a place to live. I can only do this by going to college.Education will enable me to become a wealthy person and will give mean opportunity to meet with other like-minded people so that togetherwe can make the world a better place than we found it.


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