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Gessen,Masha “The Weight of Words: One of Russia’s Most Famous WritersConfronts the

State.”The New Yorker, October 6, 2014.


InGessen’s article, she writes that “In recent years, as Russia hasgrown politically repressive and culturally conservative, Ulitskaya’sfiction, which addresses both religion and politics, has moved in fora confrontation.” This is a key quotation from the text which Ifind very informative in the sense that it reveals the key functionsof activism through writing. The author cites the case of Ulitskayaas an author whereby she has responded actively to the developmentsin the Russian government. She says that the author addresses variousissues in society through fiction. This style of writing allowsauthors to employ their creativity in addressing pressing issues insociety. There are several books in history such as the “Animalfarm” which have employed fiction and satire at times to addresspressing social, political and economic issues in society. Such bookshave proved very vital to society and very critical in teachingsocial values and political dynamics from a scholarly and practicalperspective.


Gessen,Keith “Waiting for War: Can the Country Hold Together?” The NewYorker, May 12,


Inthe article “Waiting for War” one of the outstanding citations is“In Kiev, there were increasingly brutal attempts to drive out theprotesters, including, eventually, live ammunition, provoking aviolent response from the protesters, who armed themselves with batsand sticks and Molotov cocktails.” Why I find this quote verycritical is the fact that it addresses modern government’sattitudes and approaches in government people. Modern governmentshave increasingly grown intolerant to people’s views despite thefact that governments are put in place to represent the people andtheir wishes. Therefore, employing brutal measures to handleprotesters is very inconsiderate and harsh. Universal human rightsallow people to express their freedom through speech, writing andassociation. Fighting protesters just because they have aired theircriticism against governments is not only unlawful and unnecessary.In recent times, the US federal government has been on the spotlightover the handling of police killings of black youths. Most concerningis the government response to these protests where violent means havebeen employed to handle protesters. The US is not alone as China andother countries around the world have been largely involved in suchactivities much to the activists’ condemnation.

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