Communication Training in Integrative Couples Therapy

CommunicationTraining in Integrative Couples Therapy

CommunicationTraining in Integrative Couples Therapy

Thereis no relationship between a man and woman that doesn’t havepotholes and hiccups. But when those potholes and hick-ups are toomany and more frequently, then there is a red flag in the air. Everypartner in a couple has his or her own story when it comes toproblems. Poor communication or lack of it therefore takes manycouples have squabbles (Withers &amp Lewis, 2003).

Communicationtraining in integrative couples therapies is a training that helpscouples to have a healthier comprehension of each other’s innerfeelings and sentiments [ CITATION Mar11 l 1033 ].Communication training in integrative couples’ therapy is atraining which believes that squabbles in a relationship do not justemerge from egregious conducts and failure in conducts of partnersbut also from their communication and sentimental reactivity towardssuch actions (Brislin &amp Yoshida, 1994). The main target of thistherapy is to make partners in a relationship be on the same level ofcommunication so as to understand each other’s thoughts andfeelings better [ CITATION Mar11 l 1033 ].Acceptance is the first pillar that paves way for change in arelationship. When partners accept each other, they will be no longerenemies and will be able to communicate more clearly as well asdiscuss and solve their glitches in a successful manner [ CITATION Mar11 l 1033 ].In this sense, each party’s emotions will be well understood by theother party.

Thistype of therapy can be used by therapists to process every partner’sreaction to each other’s communication. For instance, if there is aglitch between the partners’ way of relating to each otherintimately, or there is a struggle in the manner in which they solvetheir problems, then this type of therapy will be best for them [ CITATION Mar11 l 1033 ].


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