Compare and contrast the ways Management of Grief and Jesus Shaves to tackle cross-cultural encounters.

Compareand contrast the ways Management of Grief and Jesus Shaves to tacklecross-cultural encounters.

In‘both management of grief’ and ‘Jesus shaves’, there is anapparent interaction between culture in the narrations. Themanagement of grief involves a reaction of two Indian ladies who arewidowed following the death of their husbands in an airplane terrorattack heading to India for Canada. Desolate, the two Indian culturesin Canada are in conflict due to the government issue of freedom andequality. The effect is that it has led to factions and divisions inthe two cultures. For Jesus shaves situation, the issue revolvesaround a Moroccan woman who apparently has being speaking Frenchsince she was born does not understand and have an idea of whatEaster is the instructor gives a chance to the whole class to helpher understand. However, due to the poor level of language andarticulation, none can bring light to the lady. Brought up from aMuslim culture, it could be possible that she does not know whatEaster is but it is not realistic to believe that she has never heardthe mention of it.

Whilethe ‘management of grief’ situation helps understand and dealwith intra-cultural conflict, the ‘Jesus shelves’ encounter is abroader cultural conflict. First, it includes persons from differentreligious groups. To make the matter complicated, there is a languageuse conflict and barrier and, hence, it is not possible to pass areliable communication to help understand the situation. Thereligious gap and different cultural practices and the inability tohold a meaningful and complete conversation makes it impossible forthe two to agree. In the ‘management of grief’, the Indians arein fact Canadians and the only problem is due to the equity incultural practices.

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