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Question 1

Janice shouldconsider several factors to increase Christopher hotel marketpenetration. These include advertising the hotel to the community byinvesting in the best resources in support of hotel’s offering andalso investing in the experiences of the sale staff. Janice shouldconcentrate on strengthening the enterprise, using corporate groupcontribution as a stepping stone toward this objective (Lazer&amp Layton, 2010). Thehotel should look at other ideas to increase revenue and to sell therooms by differentiation to the targeted customers.

Additionally,analyze the esteemed clients if they need corporation or leisuregroup events, and what they require then offer the services with abetter deal than the competing companies. For example, analyze thenew school that is planning to put up a school program event byvisiting and making an agreement with them. Janice can check on whatcompeting hotels do and how they do it to attract more customers thanChristopher. Additionally, Filing and documenting of ChristopherHotel information so as to track the sale and how all transaction aredone to help evaluate the hotels performances (Lazer&amp Layton, 2010).

Question 2

Factors thatJanice should consider to increasing group business include thehotels strength position. It is evident that they have got highcorporate group distribution by this they can use it to have moreteams visiting to satisfy the customers need. She will also considerthe hotel’s weaknesses and try to solve the problem, it can be theemployee’s level of education and the poor documenting. It can besolved by offering training to the employee and maintaining preciserecords. Additionally, evaluating and choosing the right mode ofemployment and offering the best pricing for the services provided(Lazer &amp Layton, 2010). The company should also look at raisingopportunities and take advantage of them to increase their marketshare. It is evident that the new school is putting a sports programby looking for a sports developer it would give Christopher Hotelmore advantage to attaining the offer. Janine should also considerthe hotel treats that include the Christopher competing companiesshould always aim at overtaking them (Ramsborg, 2011).

Question 3

Janice shouldlook at the Services offered and the rooms if they satisfy what aconsumer demands. It will enable her acknowledge what is needed andthe expectation of the customers. She should also evaluate thepricing of the rooms if the price is too high or low. In this case,Christopher charges less than other hotels that may mean that theirservices are of more inferior quality. Thus should focus onequalizing the price as other companies (Lazer&amp Layton, 2010). Janicecan also evaluate the promotion mode used to advertize the hotel andfind a convenient method that is efficient to both the hotel andesteemed customers. Lastly, Janice should look at the distribution ofthe services. It will indicate how the workers offer services to thecustomers if they well know about their work. It will also involvethe documenting of the booking of rooms process for future reference.They should consider the price by selling their room at a reasonableprice like competitive companies. Not to charge less since clientsmay compare the price with the quality of the rooms and opt for thehighly paid rooms (Smit, 2012).

Question 4

Janice can findout how other companies are doing by being friends with workers andthe management of the competing hotels and try enquiring howdifferent they offer their services. She can also pay a detective tohelp acquire the information similarly they can book a room at thecompeting companies to find out how different they offer theirservices. Lastly, she can opt to inquire from the customers of thecompeting companies (Hoyle, 2012).


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