Convention Management


1.)Describe two essential roles associated with convention and eventmanagement.

Oneof the primary roles of convention and event management is developingor identifying a target product that aims at satisfying customers.The convention may involve, and event under management may involvethe graduation of a student, a corporate event, general annualmeeting or even a products launch (Hoyle, 2002).

Thesecond role involves marketing the event. This stage involvesinforming the customers about a product price, location of the event,entry fees, value of the commodity and its advantage to the societyamong other reasons they should consider when pegging theconvention’s value to targeted customers (Hoyle, 2002).

Discusshow hotels are upgrading guestrooms and guest stays to attractconsumers to their hotel.

Hotelsare upgrading guestrooms by making them physical and health fitnessfriendly. This implies that guestrooms are spacious, and withdifferent space mounted with exercising equipment. Second, hotelsdecorate rooms with local paintings and arts to impress customers.Third, creative marketing is also important to attract customers intobooking the hotel through informing the services and benefits theywould get from the facility (Hoyle, 2002).

Similarly,hotels are improving their guest stays through providing 24-hourcustomer service. Second, institutions provide a large variety ofcuisines to suit diverse guests. Third, the customer support ensuresto fix problems facing their customers as fast as possible. Fourth,hotels are blending their marketing plans with social media toenhance their visibility. For instance, their websites are accessiblethrough trendy social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally,hotels strive to achieve differentiation through strategies such asproviding in-house casinos and clubs to facilitate a vibrantnightlife for travelers spending the night in a town (Hoyle, 2002).

2.)What are SMERF groups? Why are they such an important factor when itcomes to market segments

SMERFgroups are a marketing segment that targets customers attendingsocial, military, education, religious and fraternal meetings (Nufer,2007).

Thegroup is essential in marketing since cities where religious groups,corporate staff, and social groups such as sports fans attendfunctions occasionally they can keep hotel rooms full for many days.For example, fraternal meetings of professionals such as teachers canbook hotel rooms and a conference rooms for up to a whole week in thesame hotel. Such groups are essential since they boost hospitalitybusiness during off-peak seasons (Nufer, 2007).

3.)Describe a sales blitz and how can this be a cost effective salestool?

Ablitz is a comprehensive, short and customer-oriented marketingprogram for marketing an organization or a product. The strategy is acost-effective tool as enhances public relations of an organizationas it aims at informing target customers about a new product in themarket, its benefits, and the most appropriate sources. The strategyis a cost-effective sales tool as it targets local clientele.Besides, the marketing methods used require small capital to beaccomplished (Louw, 2012).

4.)Discuss two advertisement techniques and explain how they areimplemented and why they are successful?

Claims– the advertising technique promotes particular features or makesallegations concerning the functions that a product can accomplishfor prospective clients. The approach is successful as it createsanticipation in customers through educating and informing them aboutthe benefits of a product. The claims are sometimes facts, but theycan also be hype. For example, a soft drink brand with equalnutrition to its competitors can use words such as “the best” todifferentiate itself from the others. This is hype because itsnutritional value does not exceed its competitors. Advertisers usingclaim methods often use “weasel terms”, which are misleadingstatement when they are observed closely (Paley, 2006).

Association– this strategy involves linking a product with famous andinfluential persons. It can also associate a product with objectsthat create powerful and desirable emotions that could generatestrong psychological appeal. For example, sports gear manufacturerassociates their apparels with successful people while carmanufacturers use photographs of their cars parked in front of bigmansions. Cosmetic products do also hire celebrities to present theirproducts to create an impression that people who use the products arethe most successful (Paley, 2006).


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