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Analysisof Class Reading-Documentary

Thepolitical organization of the !Kung was not very high in my opinion.The !Kung are seen to be organized into smaller groups called bandsaccording to the documentary. The group was headed by a leader whowas usually a grown-up male in the society. Again here, we find thatmales are considered to be superior to the females as the ladies donot take any political leadership role. The leader was also theperson who directed the hunting expedition and was probably theofficial contact with the outside world. As the documentary state, Ican clearly visualize this following the explorer’s commitment toseek authority and permission to study these people from the mightyband leaders. In general, the political units of the !Kung was thebands and no universally accepted leaders can be said to be in chargeof the whole society( pg. 1-3).

Livingin the present world where the economic strategies are verycomplicated makes me imagine how life was difficult to these people.Their economic policy is fundamentally limited to satisfy thefundamental human need. The !Kung, as stated are a hunting andgathering community living in the harsh desert life of the KalahariDesert. The role of hunting was left in charge of the men. I think itwas left to them simply because it is a dangerous activity hence,the stronger gender in the society was responsible. The women did thegathering of plant dietary requirement that constituted about 70% ofthe daily requirements. In the present world, I can call the !Kungpeople are socialist, because all that they found was equally sharedby the whole band. They also did the hunting and gathering as a team.They, however, occasionally exchange commodities with their Bantuneighbors( Pg. 5).

Genderroles in !Kung society is explicitly stated. The men did thedangerous task of hunting and protecting the territories of thesociety. They are in the leadership role. The ladies, on the otherhand, are economically involved and it is fair to say they providethe largest constituent of the food. The male are also highly valuedeven though they provide the least. The meat they provided makes themhighly valued. Taking care of the children is under the custody ofthe mother as it is with very many societies in the world.

Fromthe 1950’s to the 1970’s a paradigm shift of economic activitiesis realized by the !Kung. In the past, hey are a mobile people whosettled where the conditions favored and ensured they had somethingto eat. That was then. The European expedition in Africa was tochange these. The !Kung is encouraged to start living in permanentshelter and adopt a lifestyle that is more secure in terms of food.They were, in fact, promised the same. Civilization is introduced andthey shift from hunting and gathering to crop cultivation and goatrearing. Education and health services are introduced. Populationdensity increase and so is the introduction of other diseases.

Thenew life introduces few challenges and among them is the loss ofclose ties of that existed before. Sharing was reduced and peopleonly strive to make them better. Many males engage in paid-work tofend for their families and hunting and gathering were at itsminimal. Civilization also brings in government interaction to thesepeople lifestyle. I still think that the !Kung community has toundergo some milestone before they catch up with the current world (Pg. 8).


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