Creating a Hypothesis

Creatinga Hypothesis

A.Older employees tend to resist organizational changes

Ahabit is a disease. Many employees work like robots because they areused to routine duties that they even do without much reasoning.However, scientific data indicates that people who are overused toroutines resist may resist change. For example, a person who is usedto communicating in English in school, at home and even when hangingout with friends, they are likely to get confused if they aretransferred to another country that could be using alternativelanguages (Lipton, 1991). For example, an American diplomat is liableto resist being transferred to another country, such as China, asmany people use Chinese language. The employees fear they mightexperience cultural shock or confused about their lives. From thisexample, one can conclude that people fear changing their routine, asthey are afraid of feeling confused or unable to control their livesas before. Similarly, older employees might resist change becausethey are scared of losing their careers due to lack of necessaryexperience (Lipton, 1991).

B.Think about an example from your real life where you have a morerobust solution available to you something that could solve theproblem correctly, but which you reject because you prefer to keepthings simple.

Ihave poor handwriting, so my college instructors recommend that Itype my class assignments. I prefer typing the assignments on mylaptop instead, which is quite tedious because it is straightforward.I understand that there are applications that can type as I dictatethe information orally. However, the application is complicated tooperate since I would be supposed to learn the correct pronunciationof the information I would be expecting to write (Lipton, 1991). Ifind the process of learning proper pronunciation challenging, thusthe reason I resolved to type the information manually.

Thinkabout the converse- something you do that is unnecessarily complex,but which you do because it solves a problem perfectly.

SinceI operate on a tight schedule, as I attend part-time classes daily,and work for five hours every day, I prefer eating junk foods as thefood is cheap and readily available. Besides, I can make an order fordelivery of the food in my house (Lipton, 1991).


Lipton,P. (1991). Inferenceto the best explanation.London u.a: Routledge.

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