Creativity and Problem Solving Project

Creativityand Problem Solving Project

Theinterest that I recently showed in the professional field offinancial engineering was inspired by my analytical abilities andcreativity. The inspiration to pursue the career is informed by mypast experiences that portray my problem solving and creativityabilities. While I have had several experiences that prove mycreativity in problem solving and analytical skills, the project Ideveloped to increase sales in a small bakery company is the mostoutstanding. This project gave me the insight on my potential topursue the discipline and handle challenging financial tasks.

Twoyears ago, I was employed by a fast food company for a part-time jobas a sales executive. My job was in the evening hours, worked from6pm to 11pm when the company closed its doors for all its fifteenoutlets in the country. The project I formulate for the company was acomprehensive marketing plan and an extensive sales expansionstrategy. In formulating this project, I was not becoming part of themanagement, but it was a personal initiative to extend my job ofselling and delivering cakes within the town. It was interesting thatI undertook the project to appreciate the company for offering me apart time job while I studied in college.

Whileworking at the counter, I noticed the sales and marketing manager,Mr. Jennings was always complaining of lows sales to his full timestaff. In fact, I realized that they hired part-time attendant andsales people like me so as to address the problem. According toJennings, sales were low because the attendants at the bakery jointsin the city were partially committed to their job. The managerbelieved that most of the attendants were not handling customerswell therefore the company was losing sales from repeat customers.However, on closer analysis, this was not the case. I noticed thatmost of the customers that I handled every evening were repeatcustomers, especially from the corporate organizations surroundingthe bakery outlets.

Tosolve this problem, I made it a habit to question myself how thecompany would attract new customers without focusing on the currentones. The clientele of the company were drawn from the working class,since the outlets were located near the offices. When solvingproblems, creativity entails coming up with solutions that tackle theproblem in ways that are different from those that created thecurrent situation. To solve this problem, I had to observe the agegroup of the customers that I served daily. It was not long when Irealized that almost 60% of current customers were middle-aged menand women who could afford the cakes manufactured by the company.

Isought to understand why younger customers, especially teenagers werenot frequently buying cakes from the company outlets. On examiningthe pricing policy of the company, I realized the cakes were pricedbased on their sizes, of which there was no small size. Due to theabsence of smaller cakes, their prices were relatively high.Therefore, the company was practically locking this group ofcustomers from the products by setting high prices. Therefore,decided to talk with the marketing manager who appreciated myfindings and allowed me to develop a strategy.

Iformulated a new marketing plan that focused on attracting youngercustomers, especially students from three universities in the cityand colleges surrounding the bakery outlets. This plan recommendedthe introduction of a small cake that could be shared by two peoplefor a snack. We named the size “Twinie Cake” to mean cake for twoand considered low prices. In addition, three more mini-outlets wereopened near the educational institutions to serve the students. Theimplementation of this project saw me be shifted from sales andattending to customers to the main office as a marketing officer.However, I worked part-time in this position until the summer, when Iwas made a full-time staff.

Thisproject was so interesting because I undertook to carry a role that Iwas not employed to do. Secondly, the project gave me a significantcareer growth opportunity that I was not expecting would open thatearly. It is interesting to note that the sales of the company wentup by 40% on the year of implementing the plan and not less that 20%in the preceding years up to date. As a result, I am welcome to thecompany, and I assist them whenever I am not in studies. This projectis outstanding because it informed my desire to enhance my abilitiesby taking financial engineering.

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