Crips and Blood Made in America


Cripsand Blood: Made in America

Cripsand Blood: Made in America

Cripsand Blood: Made in Americais a documentary about the tragedy that results from existence ofgangs in the society. It examines conditions leading to years ofdevastating gang violence amongst youths of African American racebrought up in South Los Angeles. There seems to be little or nogovernment intervention in curbing this gang situation. This paperfocuses on the elaboration of the role race plays in the developmentand evolution of gangs, the government’s response to the gangsituation and the solutions that may ease the complexity surroundingthe gang issue in South Los Angeles.

Therole of race in the development and evolution of gangs

Accordingto the documentary Cripsand Blood: Made in America,race seems to play a major role in the evolution and development ofgangs. According to the documentary, blacks are not accepted in LosAngeles and do not seem to have a place in the city. This is clearlyevidenced by the fact that African American youths are deniedopportunities in their attempts to be part of the youthorganizations. These young African Americans are left out ofactivities and organizations mainly set aside for the whites merelybecause of their race. As a result, these African Americans feel outof place and thus start forming their own groups. These groups formedare not just ordinary groups but thug groups and seemingly, thenumber of these groups rise over the years. They are attributed toeconomic racism and police brutality against the African Americans.Had there been no racial segregationagainst the blacks in the society, there would have been no need forsuch groups which later emerged to be the most notorious gangs in LosAngeles.

Thegovernment’s response to gang situation in Los Angeles

Thegovernment of Los Angeles did not respond to the gang situation inthe city in the correct way. To begin with, the media presented theAfrican American youths as criminals thus building that picture inthe eyes of the public. This was ideally because of their race andnot from any research carried out. The African Americans are gettingkilled for no apparent reasons but because of the mere fact that theyare not whites. They are segregated from going to the neighboringestates where the whites supposedly live. The government is observedto do very little in the wake of these events. It is obvious that thegovernment would not have remained mum if these tragedies werebefalling the whites. This clearly shows that the government has notresponded in the correct way to the gang situation in Los Angeles andhas only led to the worsening of gang situation.

Solutionsto the complexities of the gang issue

Thegang issue in Los Angeles was as a result of the racism and illtreatment the African Americans received because of their race.Because of the hard times they underwent, they formed gangs tocounter the brutally they faced from the whites. According to me, thesolution that would have helped end the menace of the gang issue wasto accept the African Americans in the society. At the start of thedocumentary, the African Americans are willing to be part of theyouth activities and organizations in Los Angeles. The fact that theyare denied these opportunities and segregated is what led to theformation of these notorious gangs. The fact that these gangs are inexistence decades later despite the many killings of the AfricanAmericans youths shows that this is a menace that will not end anytime soon and the solution lies in accepting them to be part of thesociety despite their race.


Racismhas been a great challenge to the city of Los Angeles. It seems to bean issue that is not about to end despite its effects decades laterafter it was first reported. It is the major driving force in theformation of the gangs by African Americans to counter the effects ofracism. It is very unfortunate that the measures government appliesto reduce the gang situation only worsen it with an increasingly goodnumber of the gangs being formed. If only the residents and thegovernment of Los Angeles would accept the African Americans in theirsociety despite their race, these gang issues would be now a thing ofthe past. Until such a time, these gangs will keep on increasing.

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