Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence 3


In my society, there are various religious groups that includeHinduism, Islamic, pagan and Buddhism. These religions tend to bedifferent in the following ways unlike Christian faith they sharecultural heritage, original myth and ideologies. This religionbelieves in herbal treatment and rituals to God for healing. It isthe oldest religion that believes that the universe undergoes cycleof creation and dissolution. It involves daily ritual such asrecitation as they believe people exist in the unseen world. Islamicgroup believes that Allah is the only God. Buddhism thinks allreligion are the same, and none teaches the way of salvation aboveothers (Lewis et al., 2011).Paganism believes in nature and thateverything has life and spirit. I assume these religionsbelieve in idol worship and offering of sacrifices for cleansing offtheir illness. (Hockenberry et al., 2011). It is alarming that thisgroup believes that healing from various sickness comes from oneselfby doing what they think is right. The different religions despiseintermarriages with other religion and to avoid it they do not minglewith other communities. Despite the differences, I assume thesegroups of people believe in God as a vital aspect of their life(Black &amp Chitty, 2014).

Nursesrole in patient care regarding cultural differences Nurseshave to understand the beliefs of the diverse culture regardhealthcare by this they are required to learn how the cultural groupsunderstand health and illness. The nurses need understanding of thecultural groups believe to be the cause of the disease, this willlead to understanding how the cultural healer cure and take care ofits members. The nurses are required not to be biased by culturaldifferences by not allowing their background influence the way careshould be provided. It is important the nurse look at specificcultural factors impacting on individual and recognize thatintra-cultural variation means that each must be assessed forindividual cultural differences (Bischoff, 2011).


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