Current trends in human resource management

Currenttrends in human resource management

Purposeof the article

Thepurpose of this article is to inform the human resource managementthe current trends in the changing business world. Human resourcemanagement should be on the watch out for these trends in order torespond accordingly. The article discusses some of the main factorsthat affect human resource management today. The factors that the HRMshould consider include workforce, globalization, changing skill,corporate downsizing, re-engineering, continuous improvement,employee involvement, and decentralized work sites (Human ResourceManagement, 2013). The author of the article claims that humanresource managers should be keen to adapt to the new changes if theywish to survive the global business changes.

Thearticle informs human resource managers of the current trends and howthey impact a business. It discusses these trends in depth and howhuman resource managers should respond. Human resource managers playa great role in the success or failure of a business. They areresponsible for recruiting employees and foreseeing their training.Since workforce plays a great role in a business, it is crucial forthe human resource managers to be aware of the changes and respondaccordingly (In Kaufman, 2014). The main purpose of this article is,thus, to inform human resource managers what they need to know tosurvive the dynamic business world.

Thekey question that the author is addressing

Thekey question that the article is addressing is the issue affectinghuman resource managers in their daily work. The work of humanresource managers is to ensure that work is done accordingly in abusiness. They also ensure that all people employed are the mostqualified to work in various departments. As such, they play a greatrole in the long run. This means that they should be informed of thecurrent issues affecting human resource management both locally andinternationally.

Thearticle addresses the current issues affecting human resourcemanagement. The issues culminate from the changes inherent in theworld of business today. Globalization and information technology arechanging how business operates today. In addition, competition hasmade many companies to change their operations to competeeffectively. This means that the human resource management departmentshould be on the watch out for these things in order to becomecompetitive. This article serves as an answer to these issues as itoffers a solution to the same.

Themost important information in the article

Themost information in this article is to understand the current trendsin human resource and how to respond to the same. Human resourcemanagers have a great role to play in a business (Ulrich,2013). Theinformation in the article helps the resource managers to understandthe emerging trends and what they need to know to remain competitive.The article addresses all the major trends that have an impact on HRMand how managers concerned should do to respond to them in order toremain competitive locally and globally. There are several factorsthat are impacting on HRM and managers need to address themaccordingly. Globalization is one of the main factors that have ledto great changes in the world of business. International businessesshould adhere to various diversities presented in different culturalgroups. As such, the HRM should employ people from different culturalgroups to meet the needs of all. Further, there is a greater demandfor skills requirements due to great competition. The skills areadvancing as more and more people become educated. Therefore, the HRMshould set a higher target for new employees so that they can employsome of the most educated and qualified employees. They should alsoattend various programs that continuously equip them with thenecessary skills to handle various tasks effectively. The other majorpoint that HRM should consider is involving employees at all levelsin work place for effective results. Unlike in the past, the roles ofHRM are evolving and the responsible personnel need to be on thelookout. It is important for HRM to observe the emerging trends inthe world of business.

Mainpoints presented in the article

Themain points of current trends in human resource management includechanging skill requirements, continuous improvement initiatives,continent work force, work force diversity, impacts of globalization,employee involvement, decentralized work force, and work forcediversity. These trends influence work place operations in today’sbusinesses. These factors should be put into consideration by humanresource managers in an attempt to effectively handle various tasksin work place. Diversification of work force and improved skill aresome of the main factors that HRM should consider in order for thesuccess of a company. Globalization also impacts on work place intoday’s society. Businesses are operating at international levelsand this means that organizations need to re-engineer theiroperations. In such cases, the human resource management plays acrucial role because it is concerned in assigning tasks to employeesin different locations (Noe, 2013). Information technology also has agreat impact. Unlike in the past where people had to be present inthe office, today, there is no need for physical presence in workplaces. Employees can operate and communicate using informationtechnology. This shows that the operations in work place have changedsignificantly over time.

Keyconcepts to understand

Thekey concepts that should be understood in this article are how humanresource management should respond to the new trends. The humanresource management should understand that the trends in businessworld affect the operations in work place. The business world isevolving at a great pace hence, HRM should stay alert. Informationtechnology and globalization are opening new ventures that everyorganization should observe. It is essential to observe these trendsand respond accordingly in order to remain competitive. There areseveral factors that organizations need to observe in order tosurvive the changing business world. It is crucial to understand thatthe world is changing due to information technology andglobalization. More changes are expected in the future hence, humanresource management should be alert for any changes that mayinfluence the operations of an organization.

Themain conclusion

Inconclusion, human resource management is a department that needs tobe very keen on emerging trends. It plays a great role in the successof a company therefore, it is crucial to stay armed and ready torespond to all emerging issues in work place. Understanding humanresource trends is critical for the overall operation of anorganization. They help an organization to adapt to the new businessworld that is dynamic. The survival of organizations will depend onmany factors, with responding to human resource management being oneof them (Snell &amp Bohlander, 2013).


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