Daytripper Textual Analysis

DaytripperTextual Analysis

Inliterature, diversity is an element that should be embraced by allwho have the passion and love for literary work. Therefore, inclusionof all the types of literature works is important for people to learndifferent ways of presenting issues affecting the society. Manywriters use different styles and methodologies of presenting theircontent to the society. To explore these contents and styles theEnglish Department needs to include books from different genres.Among the genres that are important to be included is the comic dramagenre that is often opted out of the list. In this genre, the bestbook to include for learning is Daytripper. Written by Gabriel Ba andFabio Moon, Daytripper is an excellent drama comic book to study.

Inthe book Daytripper, the authors present their view on the debateabout the most important days in the life of a human being. Beingasked about the issue, different people would give different views onthe most important days and moments in their life. Therefore, thetopic presents Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon with an appropriate humanelement to explore. The book is organized along the life of BrasOlivia Domingos, a Brazilian writer whose father is a famous novelist(Ba and Moon 2). Presented in comic graphics, the book focuses on thelife moments of the writer. The book further presents the days ofDomingos from his young age to adulthood. As he grew up, helanguished in the shadow of the legacy of his father.

Themost unique element of the book that makes it stand out is thegraphical method of presentation. The book is organized into sectionsthat are marked with graphics to describe every event in the book.Each section of the book has a different structure that representsthe intentions of the writers for that part of the story line. Toemphasize their intention, each section of the book contains graphicstat invoke a sense of meditation by the reader. For example, eachsection has graphics depicting obituaries and some sobering momentsfor the reader to reflect on (Ba and Moon 11). The feelings spark asense of thinking and avoid an easy pass trough by the readers.

Anotheraspect of the book that makes it outstanding for class literature isthe comic nature of the graphics. Through comic mood, the authorspresent the life of Domingos as he struggles to live up to his life,but under the shadow of his father. The use of comic graphics allowsthe reader to have light moments as he ponders on the meaning ofevery section of the book. Every comic graphic has a message andintention in regard to the life of the writer, as the authorspresent. Through the use of comic graphics, the writers are able tohide main elements of their intentions in the picture. They thereforesucceed in leaving the meaning of the book to the task of the readerto unearth. As a result, the book is successful in avoiding rushedpass through, by requiring concentration of the reader.

Inaddition, the visual approach of the book is suggestive andrepresentative of the intentions of the two authors. The visualapproach of the book is successful because the authors manage topresent the right amount of details and thoughts in the graphics.This is achieved through the use of appropriate coloring and picturesthat contextualize the message that each section presents. Thegraphics are excellently drawn to drive the reader into the physicaland social backdrop of the life of Domingos. The pictures furtherpresent the social and physical aspects of Brazil as a country, andnot only the life of Domingos. The approach is successful because itpresents a logical flow of the story with each section and graphicfocused on an issue.

Whilethe book has several graphics and sections, each one of them is notalienated from the entire text. The authors pay attention to an issuefor every graphical unit, but include it to the story line in itsentirety. This makes each section a part of the whole book, an aspectthat makes the book an excellent piece of storytelling. Thedevelopment of the plot and the use of sections and graphics make thebook not only different but exemplary. The book is exemplary to teachthat literature does not have to be in prose form for the intentionof the author to the audience.

Thebook Daytripper is impressively written to present the life of awriter in a series of comical graphics. The success of the book indescribing the little m moments between the birth and death of aperson makes it a worthy piece of literature to include in theEnglish Department list. The book achieves the goal of any otherbook, despite taking a different approach of comic graphics. The bookfurther presents an excellent feat that requires not only reading,but keen literary study. Therefore, the book is unique andsuccessful, thereby a good choice for literature study.


Ba,Gabriel, and Moon Fabio. Daytripper.New York: Vertigo,2011, Print

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