Deduction and Induction


Deductionand Induction

Deductionand Induction

Inductionand deduction are approaches of reasoning that can be applied inanalyzing intelligence. According to Sternberg(2009), inductionis the approach that works from the specific conclusion in thegeneral information. In this regard, the conclusion follows thepremise where it is regarded as a true element. For example, aconclusion that it the future will follow the trends of today basedon the current specific facts. If it rained in January, first in NewYork, then it is the induction conclusion that it will rain next yearfirst of January.

Onthe other hand, deductions approach operates from the general tospecific. In this approach, the conclusion follows from the premisein a logical manner. It starts from the general information towards aspecific conclusion that seems rational and true. (Marrin,2011).For example, the assertion that all animals are mortal, and that anelephant is an animal therefore, an elephant is a mortal. It isimportant to note that the all the conclusions that uses thisapproach are accurate and tend to focus everything on the premise.

Inmy opinion, deduction is the approach that represents the highestform of intelligence analysis. In this regard, the deduction is alsothe best approach to be applied in intelligence gathering. Thereason for this is that it starts from the general to specific.Therefore, deductive reasoning will be important in developingintelligence from the elements of investigation of the specificelements of the investigation. In addition, deductive reasoningenables a person to draw the required facts of the investigation fromthe available facts of general information (Marrin,2011).Moreover, deductive reason creates a trail of conclusions that arebased on a premise that is considered a true fact. Therefore, thededuction is the highest form of intelligence analysis.


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