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Depressionis the mood swings and sadness caused by a psychological situation.The situation of depression has the following signs and symptoms

  • Feelings of hopeless and helpless. According to Tamparo, C. &amp Lindh (2007), these feelings takes over the victim and leaves him or her viewing that he or she cannot do anything better

  • Lacking interest in normal activities of the day

  • Adverse changes in weight

  • Lack of appetite

  • Irregular sleep changes where the victim may experience hyperinsomnia or lack of sleep.

  • General lack of energy and general tiredness. According to Tamparo and Lindh (2007), this condition includes fatigue, sluggishness and physical drainage.

  • Self loathing that is characterized

  • Anxiety, restlessness and agitation these are characterized by high levels of worrying, paincking and inability to settle or sit.

  • Slowed specking, body movements or speaking

  • Lack of concentration and poor decision making processes

  • Having mysterious physical disorders such as unexplained back pains or muscle pains.

  • Having regular suicidal thoughts or thoughts of death and in some extreme cases suicidal attempts

  • Regular angry outbursts, frustration, and being highly irritable, even from small issues.

Depressionoccurs in either mild or severe depression. In mild depression, themain characteristic symptom is having no more than four symptoms thatare related. According to Tamparoand Lindh (2007), peoplewith mild depression may experience a bit of a struggle, but theycontinue functioning as normal. Therefore, they can work without anymedical intervention and symptoms subside over time. On the otherhand, severe depression has all the core symptoms of depression, allof which may not be related. As a result, the daily functioning of aperson ceases because the frequency of the symptoms increases.Therefore, the treatment for severe depression may include the use ofantidepressant medication depending on the severity of the situation.


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