Discussion Board III

DiscussionBoard III

Thesingle-payer plan in delivery of health service is a system where byan individual has to pay for all medical services offered to themusually by way of health insurance. It is unfortunate that the vastpopulation of the United States is utterly unable to access healthservices as a result of this system thus sparking debate on theviability of the system (Shi &amp Singh, 2010). In order to have aneffective health care system, I think that an all inclusive approachshould be adopted.

Thistype of funding inevitably leads to poorer public health as thegovernment stubbornly declines to acknowledge the inefficiency of thesystem by pulling a blind eye to some faulty key policies and fraud.In order to counter the danger of biased provision of health care theadaptation of the healthcare voucher system is inevitable (Aday,2004). The latter uses the public tax system to fund the programhence, offers equal chances for accessibility.

Itwould be a grave miscalculation to assume that there would be noimplications as far as financing is concerned. The fact that aconsiderable population that formerly could not access health carecan do so, if this system was to be adopted, would mean congestionand possible understaffing. In order to do this, the administrationwould consider additional budget allocation towards running of healthinstitutions.

Itis unfair that the poor are not given a choice of their own, when itcomes to accessing health care. The voucher system offers the poor abenefit in the form of health care since the cost is shared among alltax payers hence, the financing is progressive while VAT isregressive (Institute of Medicine, 2004). In own opinion, I feel thatthe voucher system needs to be adopted.


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